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Earlier this month, Caleb McLaughlin who plays the levelheaded Lucas in Stranger Things, had the chance to be a celebrity guest at the world premier of Destiny 2. While at the event, he was very candid in an interview with Glixel's Migeul Lopez about his character's progression and personality as well as how much of a geeky gamer he really is.

We couldn't help but fall in love with his answers about his favorite video games.

In a world where electronics and gaming is at the finger tips of every person it's not difficult to believe that Caleb or any other actor from his generation would have experienced the joy of gaming, but the truth is that at only fifteen years old, Caleb could be a bigger nerd than you.

1. He Knows The Pain Of Deleting Characters

[Credit: Stranger Things]
[Credit: Stranger Things]

Caleb's third favorite all-time game is Destiny, and when he first started playing he chose the Titan class, but a while later while attempting to make extra space on his PS4 he accidentally deleted everything and had to start again with a new character.

He wound up creating a new character, this time in the Hunter class; but the pain remains and we've all been there.

2. He Understands That Gaming Is The Be-All End-All

When Caleb was asked if he brings games with him when he's shooting Stranger Things, he gave the perfect answer: one to which we all probably would respond the same way.

I do. I do definitely take my games, because when it's a rainy day, what do you do? Do you just look at the sky? Of course, you [should] read a book, because that helps you in life. But you play your video games.

When you're stuck inside, of course you're going to play video games... because come on, they're video games.

3. He's Willing To Learn Dungeons & Dragons

[Credit: Stranger Things]
[Credit: Stranger Things]

Considering that it was in Stranger Things, it makes sense that he'd be at least curious about the game. He's even gone so far as to tell all his friends that he needs to learn how to play it.

4. He Wasn't Even Born Before 2000 And He's Read Up On The '80s

When you realize that Caleb is only fifteen, and that he wasn't even around for the birth of modern gaming or even much of the original technology that many of use grew up on (speaking for myself at 31 years old). It's astounding that he would be so well versed in the classics of the generations before him.

To prepare for his role in Stranger Things, Caleb was encouraged to watch the classic movies like E.T., Stand By Me and The Goonies. These older movies helped him find his character from a generation that he never saw, and he loved it.

5. He's Only Really Been Gaming For A Few Years

Caleb explained that he didn't get his first phone until he was 10. He only got the phone because he was acting on Broadway, and that first piece of technology is where it all began. After joining the generation of techies he expanded his reach into gaming and has become quite a vibrant player.

His top 3 games are: Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K and Destiny, and yet he actively plays online and tries to get as much gaming in as he can.

Can you say the same thing? How does your nerd status compare?

[Source : Glixel]


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