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Many people around the world are working on making indie games. Some people learn through online tutorials and their own motivation — others are taking classes in schools to learn how to code and create games.

These are just a few examples of great games coming from students like that; these students are creating games that hold their own against the waves of indie games being produced on a daily basis.

Oma Lost

is a unique puzzle platformer game in which you are looking to use a wind-up key to solve puzzles and help your grandmother. The world of Oma Lost is made up of circular platforms, sometimes inside each other, that you can walk around both clockwise and counterclockwise.

You are a pillow who has been given a wind up clock by your grandmother. This key will be something you rely on — you must use it to enter the level you want to play and to solve the puzzles to get to a clock. Each level is completed by winding up that clock. There are only four levels, but each one is really well made. Every time you attempt a new level, a new mechanic is introduced — such as monkey-like creatures that toss you farther than you can jump, machines that turn other platforms so you can get inside of them and trees that drop bananas to lure the monkeys to where you need them.

You must use these mechanics intelligently to reach clock in the center. Additionally, there are spikes which need to be avoided. If you die, you’re transported back to the main world that your grandmother is in. Between each level, you can also talk to her — she will open up the next level and tell you a bit about the new mechanic in the level — though she is old so she may not remember everything!

This whimsical game is quite fun to figure out. It's worth noting that the game starts off in French. You can change the language to English in the Options menu.


is a breathtaking 3D puzzler in which you must use forced perspective, through a camera, to change the environment around you.

You play a young girl who has awoken in the middle of the night after your stuffed animals ran away. They seem to have come to life and disappeared into your closet. Upon investigating, you are sucked into a mysterious dream-like land.

This world is not exactly how you see it — sometimes things must be viewed from the inside of your camera, changing the perspective to unlock new areas and add ways to get to new places. While looking through your camera, you are able to transform the way the environment works — once your camera is focused on the environmental differences, you can take a picture to transform it, and the change will then remain outside of the camera view.

One example of this would be making a 2D drawing on a wall become a 3D object. Sometimes you will need to try looking around with your camera before the changes becomes obvious.

You will continue to see your stuffed friends running away in this world — they are much smaller than you and don’t need to modify the world to get through. So enjoy yourself in this magical adventure!

Ley Lines

is an action adventure game in which you must use your bow and arrow to get to crystals and restore a temple. The world has been ruined, overused, and long worn down. You are the last hope to fix the Temple of Maria's Heart.

This temple contains five powers — the ability to modify gravity, create light bridges, levitate relics, slow time, and warp yourself or relics. Each of these powers are activated by shooting your bow and arrow and are gained by going through different areas of the temple. These different powers are very unique and interesting, especially when it comes to applying them to solve the different puzzles in each room.

Your goal is to get to the corroded gems dotted around the area and replenish their energy by standing next to them. You can also gather golden gems throughout the rooms — though these may be hard to reach. Once you get past the tutorial levels, you will find yourself exploring an amazing temple that’s full of wonder, with each of your unique abilities playing a role in getting you through, and restoring hope to the world.

Paper Cut

is a charming, 3D adventure game set in a land made of cardboard. Your scientist friend has invented a new technology that will change the world. He needs your help preparing the lab and performing the experiment, so he is waiting for you to arrive Once you get to the town center and find his lab, the experiment doesn’t go as planned.

Now all of the parts of his machine have been blasted around the world. He's hoping you can hunt around and collect all of the white boxes that contain the machine parts.

Everywhere in this wonderful world, there are red colored tabs that you can pull. Pulling on these tabs will change the cardboard world — revealing new areas and places for you to explore. On top of that, this world is full of people that you can interact with; which I would suggest doing, as many of them are pretty funny to speak to.

The boxes are quite spread out, so you will really need to explore everywhere to gather all of them. In my opinion the best part of this game is the environment. The way the world seems to be made and acts as though it were literally composed of flexible cardboard, is very quirky and well done.

Dead Letters

is a short, mysterious game in which you must decode messages on the radio to escape the country. You are a Russian agent during the time of the cold war. You are currently in a safe house, but by the sounds of things, you aren’t too safe anymore. Some people are waiting outside, surely to kill you.

Your only hope is to decode messages being sent to you via the radio, and call those numbers as soon as possible. There are three phone numbers to find and call before you can attempt to escape. This game recommends having a piece of paper and a pencil handy, as writing out the codes and decoding them, is a large part of the game.

Additionally, having these things nearby really adds to the atmosphere of the game. You should use the radio to find the messages, then use the original phone call (which tells you how to decode the messages) to figure out the numbers that you have to call. Once you have all of the phone numbers figured out and called, surely you will be able to escape!

Have you seen any student projects that look fantastic? If so, let me know in the comments.


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