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Big changes are afoot in the universe. Once held truths, established over the franchise's 20 year history, are being challenged by Game Freak's latest offering, , which is due to hit Nintendo's on November 18.

For one, the revelation that last generation's Mega-Evolutions are actually subjecting your Pokemon to a painful sort of torture has been somewhat tough to swallow. This does, however, explain why Sun and Moon will focus on special (and presumably less morally questionable) Z-moves instead.

Check out the new Z-moves in this trailer:

As the leaks continue ahead of the game's release, data miners have discovered one Z-move in particular that will have ripple effects across the Pokemon world.

Splash is now super effective!

That's right, Magikarp's infamously inane move 'Splash' has gotten a significant upgrade in Sun and Moon, but only when used by its evolved form, Gyarados.

Pro trainer pokemon_PhD shows off the new Z-Splash in the video below, demonstrating how you can give Gyarados a hefty attack stat bonus that'll help you decimate your foes. Check it out:

The game will still spit out that familiar response “but nothing happened,” even though—as the bottom stat screen shows—the Z-Splash gives your mon a 3x boost to attack.

I can't wait for the memes to start rolling in.

Excited for something to happen with Splash?!


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