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While the Wii U has been widely regarded as one of 's biggest failures, it still managed to produce a few top quality games for diehard fans of the gaming giant. One of those was 2013's critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World. As Nintendo's newest console prepares for launch early next year, fans of the game have begun to question whether or not it will receive a much deserved and desired follow up on the .

Fans have already been given a glimpse of an upcoming Mario title for the Switch, but the details of the new game, including its official title, are being kept under wraps presumably until the release date gets closer. While we semi-patiently await that March 2017 date to approach, I figured it might be rather fun to speculate what changes we want with a potential upcoming sequel.

1. Enhance Multiplayer Capability With A Split-Screen Option

First and foremost, keeping the multiplayer option is a definite must. Most Nintendo fans would agree that its ability to deviate from Sony and Microsoft's newest standard of neglecting couch co-op is one of their best attributes. Online co-op is fun, but sometimes it's also great to just be able to kick back at home with friends and family without having to aggressively communicate with agitated strangers.

A great upgrade would be the inclusion of a split-screen option for multiplayer mode. It can be rather irritating when playing with someone when their play style is the polar opposite of yours. You like to explore the level, collect the stars, and discover secrets while they prefer to run through the zone as quickly as humanly possible while leaving you either destined for certain doom or forced to catch up via bubble travel. Either option really isn't all that much fun. The option of a split-screen alternative is way overdue.

2. Lady Heroes Of The Mushroom Kingdom

Fans of the original game really enjoyed the fact they weren't saving Princess Peach for the millionth time, nor were they sent to the rescue of some of Mario's other famous female protagonists such as Daisy, Toadette, or Rosalina. Both Peach and Rosalina were actually made playable characters in . Their inclusion as playable characters was seen as one of the many upsides of the game and should be kept in any follow-up game.

Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and all the other prominent female characters of the Super Mario series all have grown to have strong cult followings of their own within the gaming community, with men as much as with its female demographic. After making appearance after appearance in Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros., I think these ladies have proven they really no longer need the Mario brothers constantly coming to their rescue. Just saying, girls are just as good as boys at saving the world.

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3. The Option To Adjust Difficulty

I won't mince words here. The game was way too easy. I guess that's somewhat to be expected given that the was geared toward a younger demographic. But Mario games have been around for a really long time. There has to be some sort of expectation that it's the older audience that'll end up buying these games and playing them when the kiddos are away at school or tucked into bed.

All I'm really asking for here is a difficulty adjustment option. The game itself doesn't have to be set in stone at a single difficulty level; the option to switch from easy to normal to hard to master has been around in video games for ages. It shouldn't really be all that hard to add it to this one. If there's no real challenge involved, there's no real feeling of satisfaction when we reach the finale.

A Mario game, at least when I was younger and even into my teen years, usually required some time and effort to get through. It wasn't something so easily conquered in a single day. Revisiting that format, or at least adding the option to make it more challenging, might be a good way for Nintendo to start reminding everyone just what made them so awesome in the first place. We need this, they need this, the definitely needs this. So, isn't about time we started getting a slight more serious with our Mario gaming?

Do you think Nintendo should develop a follow-up to 'Super Mario 3D World'? What changes would you like to see made in a potential sequel?


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