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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Every time I write a post about a fan-made Nintendo homage, sequel or whatnot, I feel a pinch, no... a twang of regret for highlighting it. Why? Well it feels like I'm ratting out a good thing, you know. And I ain't no snitch, son.

Take the recent Metroid 2 remaster AM2R that was dropkicked offline by Ninty in this, the year of Samus Aran's 30th anniversary. The game had taken a painstaking six year development time, and in one fell swoop Nintendo took it down. It's not like the big N was doing anything worthwhile with the IP! Cough *Federation Force* cough.

Federation Force your way into the nearest trash can, thanks
Federation Force your way into the nearest trash can, thanks

Next up for the axe is this wonderful homemade sequel to, arguably, the greatest platformer of all time – Super Mario 64. SM64: Last Resort is essentially a big ol' SM64 hack and brings with it 130 new stars, twelve new powerups, lots of new levels and even a few new bosses to boot.

Here's the trailer for your hungry eyes:

This hack was no easy task seeing as it took the creator Kaze Emanuar around 4000 hours (four thousand hours, dude, woah) to throw it together. So it'd be worth the download, Mario fan, just for the sheer tip of the hat. I mean check out these videos and tell me this isn't an impressive feat of work.

If you like what you see you should definitely get on over here and here to download Last Resort, and you should peruse Emanuar's other hacks too. One of his most infamous is a mod that turns every texture into Toad's face. It's both as brilliant and terrifying as it sounds.

This video is slightly troubling, by the way:

I guess this is in a similar vein to this batshit OG Doom mod that replaces every element with Tim Allen!

But, yeah, I kind've freaked myself out and forgot what I was going to say. Last Resort is nice, isn't it? Here's hoping Nintendo are too concentrated on the NX to notice it...

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