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We all knew Super Mario Run was going to be a big deal, but this is rapidly getting out of hand. According to marketing intelligence agency Apptopia, Super Mario Run hit an absolutely insane 2,850,000 day-one downloads when it launched on December 15th, 2016.

That's nearly three times the 900,000 downloads global-phenomenon Pokémon GO had just 5 months prior.

Considering the game also comes with a $10 fee to fully unlock the content, that means the day-one downloads represents a potential $28,500,000 in app purchases.

Nintendo's First Real iOS Game

While we did see Pokémon GO earlier in 2016, that game is actually created by Niantic Labs, and not Nintendo proper. So, with the exception of the social app Miitomo, Super Mario Run is Nintendo's first actual attempt at a full smartphone mobile game.

It should be noted, of course, that Pokémon GO did have a considerable ramp up over time. While the day-one downloads didn't break the one million mark, day three saw 5,600,000 downloads of Pokémon GO. The game also slowly released throughout the world and saw spikes of downloads as it was released for entire countries at once.

It's currently unclear if Super Mario Run will be the same global phenomenon as Pokémon GO was, but the $10 buy-in and high-quality could definitely make it a much more profitable game.

While Pokémon GO had a lot of initial issues and criticized gameplay, Super Mario Run has had a pretty much technically flawless release so far. It's a shame that some people just haven't quite figured out that this isn't actually a free to play game.

What are your thoughts on Super Mario Run? How will it stack up to Pokémon GO?

Source: Forbes


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