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There exists no day more unsettling, no day more frightening, and no day more hair-raising than Halloween, which is why today marks the perfect day to look at some of our favorite games through a decidedly more... sinister lens. Spine-tingling creepypastas and theories already abound for the series (just type "mario creepypasta" into Google and don't plan on getting any sleep tonight). Even the games themselves throw some undeniably disturbing moments at us from time to time.

Actual game over screen for the Luigi's Mansion beta.
Actual game over screen for the Luigi's Mansion beta.

But none of these compare to a new fan video giving us a glimpse of what Mario's world could look like... after he falls to his death. This realistic, disconcerting, and downright terrifying depiction of this hellish "Underworld" will ensure you never look at Mario the same way again.

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Nightmarish "Underworld" Depicts the World Mario Falls to When He Dies: A Lovecraftian World of Hell

Admit it—we've all wondered it. Where exactly does Mario go when your clumsy gaming skills send him free-falling into one of those enigmatic pits inconveniently placed all over the Mushroom Kingdom? What are they even doing there?!

Indeed, they are the only thing that can kill Mario no matter what power-up he may have obtained. Mushroom, Flower, Tanuki Suit... even the all-powerful Invincible Star can't save him from a tumble down one of those gaping pits.

It's time we took a trip with Mario to see what awaits...

...just don't say we didn't warn you.

The first thing Mario sees upon opening his eyes in this strange new world is a horror beyond his wildest imaginations—multiple copies of himself. Multiple dead copies of himself.

Battered, bloodied, bent in unnatural ways, these dopplegangers represent Mario's previous lives, all of them having suffered the same brutal fate and fallen to their death to form some sort of sick, twisted plumber's graveyard.

But that's only the beginning, because this Mario has yet to meet his maker. To paragraph the late Roald Dahl: "Their troubles, if they had any at all, were over in thirty-five seconds flat. Mario's troubles were just beginning."

Gone are the cheerful colors and peppy music, only to be replaced by an altered, bugged-out version of the Mario theme that sends shivers down your spine. Gone is the land Mario knew so well, now high above his head and far, far, far from reach.

He has no choice but to venture down this new level... appropriately entitled "World 0," where coins and blocks float lifelessly in the air and question blocks reward him with limp, bedraggled shrooms that spray venomous muck in his eyes.

And what of Mario's oh-so-familiar enemies? They've now merged into horrendous chimeras with extra heads that call out to Mario in voices akin to guttural moans of torture.

But they're not even the true enemy of this hellish "World 0."

No, the enemy Mario must truly fear is none other than the plucky plumber's long-abandoned and neglected kin.

His brother.

Once Mario's biggest fan, Luigi has undergone a Gollum-esque transformation. Snarling and snapping and feasting on his own brother's flesh, Luigi has gone so far as to keep tallies as to how many of Mario's previously fallen incarnates he's slaughtered... and the number is nigh uncountable.

Luigi is not the kind-hearted, yellow-bellied plumber we once knew and loved.

He's been twisted into a crazed, revenge-seeking cannibal! And Mario will always be his number one target.

How will Mario ever return from this hellish Underworld? Can Mario return from this hellish underworld? Should Mario return from this hellish underworld? Is this not the fate of every Mario that falls to his death in one of those many pits? It almost begs the question—could we be the true enemy? Leading Mario to his death time and time again as the bodies in this nightmarish "World 0" pile upon each other like limp Mario rag dolls?

Perhaps we'll never know.

But it sure makes one hell of a spooky video to twist and turn our thoughts this Halloween (as well as ruin our childhoods forever). The video itself is extremely well-done, from its graphics, to its music selection, to the overall ambience, making this a truly disturbing look at a Mario "hell." YouTube user Nukazooka has created a masterpiece of spine-tingling proportions.

Watch the full Super Mario: Underworld video below:

What's your favorite spooky Mario creepypasta or fan theory? Any other hair-raising Mario videos to share on this All Hallows' Eve? Let us know in the comments!


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