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, a quirky, fast paced pixel platformer, appeared on my screen the other day. This delightful game looked super interesting, sticking out from the list of games I was checking out.

There is something about cute little green slimes with small avian sidekicks that just caught my interest. The color scheme is very simple in appearance, but using mainly pink, green, white and blue has a very eye-catching effect.

Look at those adorable faces!
Look at those adorable faces!

Slime-San gets even cooler when you discover that you are playing a slime and a bird that are inside a giant worm! This worm seems to have swallowed a whole city, complete a multitude of other characters, buildings, and basically an entire world to explore. Intrigued I was, so I had to check out the trailer to see what was inside this creature.

At first, it looks like an awesome Super Meat Boy-inspired hardcore platformer, but then the trailer shows off some other survivors that are inside the worm! This beast is full of other creatures that you can talk to and interact with while on your adventure.

From discos to ramen shops, this world looks amazing. Quite simply, there are just so many little details in each environment, giving you some fantastic places to explore (and possibly a break from dying repeatedly in the platforming aspect of the game).

You are motivated to go forward though, as a wall of acid will pursue you through the worm, looking to make sure you are thoroughly digested. Slime-San even has different bosses to take on, all seemingly based on body parts of the worm!

This adorable little slime can even be customized (as can the little bird friend) by visiting the shops inside the towns in the worm! How can you possibly resist a little bird in a hat? I sure can’t.

Slime-San is not out yet, but I will be keeping my eye on it for the April 7th release!


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