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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Did No Man's Sky fall short of your expectations? The lack of guiding quest lines, or the ability of more customization of your ship were just some of the things that disappointed some gamers Well, search no more!

Floatlands looks to add purpose to exploration and survival with randomly generated quests, biomes, and an exciting play experience. You will get to choose the path you want to play — explorer or a more aggressive fighter — and defend your personalized base from hordes of incoming enemies.

Independent developers at are in the midst of creating something truly special. The lore of Floatlands is an interesting one. After a war between brothers using robots as their armies, the world was left fractured and broken into a multitude of islands.

With these "Floatlands" as the backdrop, you are the last robot who seeks purpose in this torn apart world. You are tasked to try to survive, explore and uncover the secrets of the past, all while defending your custom-made base.

The amount of creativity put into the ability to construct your own base is incredible. I had a chance to talk to Domen Koneski, a developer with Studio Techtrics and he has this to say about it:

At this moment there are 50 different build parts you can use to build your base. There are also three tiers: wood (starting tier), stone, fortified stone (highest tier for now).

Electricity will be another special feature of Floatlands. You'll be able to connect generators to lights and turrets, therefore setting up a defense system. Build mode mixed with random generated terrain provides a multitude of options (basic shacks, castles).

Floatlands is a low-poly, first-person, survival, role-playing game that will let you choose how you want to play through. You won't be constantly guided, so you're free to explore at will. The randomly generated quests will let you decide if you want to explore and gather resources for your base or fight enemies and defend your base from waves of foes.

Each island, or floatland, will be different, with unique features like biomes, weather, and flora. There are advanced procedural algorithms behind generating all these worlds and quests. Emphasis will be on exploring caves and other interesting things that you will find on islands.

The very first concern will be not falling off of the islands, and to make careful movements and control your robot with the use of a jetpack! Multiplayer is planned to be similar to games like Minecraft, so a few friends could play together in a world according to their tastes.

There will be a closed alpha session and a closed beta session this year. Want to be part of the test phases? Get in touch with the devs in the comments below.

We strive to make regular updates, listen to our players and implement interesting things in the game. After release we also intend to expand our team to develop the multiplayer feature. Initial plan is to release for Windows (alpha), but porting to Linux and Mac won't be a big problem (in case of a larger demand). We are open to any options that players desire.

Let's help make Floatlands a success!

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Genre: Survival, Exploration

Release date: TBC

Developer: Studio Techtrics

Are you excited to see Floatlands? Are you an explorer or fighter?


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