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Dan O'Halloran

As we approach the November 8th Election Day, the revelations and pronouncements surrounding Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump just keep coming. One of the latest has to do with a leaked audio tape where The Donald can be heard making some gross sexual assault talk about women saying they love to be grabbed, uh, down below.

WARNING: If you've heard the tape, you should know part of this post is partially NSFW.

Typically, we try to stay away from the internet mudslinging of the current election cycle, but we just couldn't ignore this one because the internet went and made a game of it.

In the face of the absurdity of that statement, the mini-game designer(s) of GOP Arcade have taken satire to a new level and has created a flash game on the Internet where you play Trump literally grabbing kitties. I had some serious reservations about hitting "Play."

It's called Trump's Pussy Grabber.

Trump even has tiny hands.

I shit you not. Play the game here.

You have 30 seconds to use your mouse to move Trumps hand to grab as many cats as possible, whack-a-mole style, for a final score.

That's it. Simple, fun, and a much-needed poke at the insanity of this election cycle. I think we could all use an extra laugh or two this month.

Play it, share it, and try to beat your high score when things really get bad. And for the love of all that is holy, don't forget to vote!