ByChris Payne, writer at
Co-founder of indie game developer Quantum Soup Studios. Ex-Traveller's Tales, ex-Electronic Arts, BAFTA member.
Chris Payne

I love RPGs. But if I'm honest, I haven't finished many of them. There's always too much combat to grind through to make it to the finishing line and see the outcome of my efforts.

That's why, in Talesinger, story is your weapon.

My co-founder and I left the multi-award-winning Traveller's Tales to form Quantum Soup Studios. We're building a game about stories within stories. You play Gwen, an apprentice bard from the craggy hills of Celtic Wales. The Romans want to make you part of their empire, by force if necessary...and some of the Celtic chieftains are listening.

To save your culture from being assimilated, you need to use songs and stories to inspire, persuade or shame chieftains into doing the right thing. You'll choose just the right song from your library of tunes, and perform it with just the right emphasis to manipulate your audience.

But the inspiring song of the bard isn't your only power. You'll also be able to learn the oratory and incisive questioning of the Vate (lawgiver) and the symbolic magical crafting of the Druid. The world of the Celts runs on stories, and crafting recipes are no different. You don't just need a selection of need ingredients with meaning. Dirt from a grave, a weapon found on an ancient battleground and a scrap of a swaddling cloth combined to create a totem that will empower young warriors with the skills of their forefathers. This is all generalized into a narrative-driven crafting system.

Even the landscape has a tale to tell; the world of TALESINGER: Voice of the Dragon is alive with animistic spirits to seek boons from or do deals with. The game is built around discovering stories and then crafting your own.

We're a small team, but passionate about bringing something new to the genre. If you love stories as much as we do, follow us on Playsource, Twitter, or Facebook to keep up with what we're doing. We can't wait to show you more.


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