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Jay Ricciardi

Before almost every game of Overwatch, each player will select the hero they want to play. Each has various benefits, skill levels, and contributions to a team composition - so players will negotiate and plan with each other beforehand.

Unfortunately, it often means that players will get a little aggressive if they think another player should or shouldn't play a role. We've all heard it before, and YouTube's vulgar-yet-lovable gaming jester VideoGameDunkey is happy to prove everyone wrong with his Hanzo skills.

"Uhhhhh, can you not be Hanzo, dude?"

"Hey Hanzo, can you play, like, not Hanzo? Please?"

"Hanzo, will you please swap?"

"Hanzo? It's like we're trying to lose with the picks."

"Yeah, I don't think we need a Hanzo."

While most of this comes from some sort of good place – it's all just because they want the team to win – it's usually a terrible idea to discourage someone from playing a character they're actually good at.

Sure, sometimes a player isn't the best Hanzo or Bastion or Widowmaker. Sure, some characters are really difficult to play well. But you'll never know until you see that person in action, so maybe we can all be a bit nicer about it.

Which hated Overwatch character do you like to surprise people with?


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