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The third season of Telltale's game series based on , The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, is slated to premiere on December 20th of this year and Telltale has certainly kept us busy in the meantime with its other games, and . The stress and excitement that these games create is never too far from our minds.

Ever since the Telltale team burst onto the scene with their story-driven adventure games, they have continued to set the standard for player choice.

Telltale Games & Their Wonderfully Tense Moments


While the extent to which these decisions affect the story is hotly debated, most of us can agree that each release is a pretty exciting one—sometimes so exciting that, from time-to-time, you just have to hit pause and figure things out. It's a familiar moment: you might be debating whether or not to restart the chapter from the last save point, or even check the internet for the outcome for some semblance of peace of mind; either way, man, you're freaking out!

So I've decided to do the impossible: attempt to select the most stressful moments across Telltale's recent releases.

Needless to say, spoilers lie ahead.

1. Save Duck or Shawn from The Walking Dead: Season 1

This is the first terrifying choice you'll be faced with in the game as the decision you make here sets the tone for the very important relationship between Lee and Kenny. Duck is Kenny's son and, no matter how annoying (oh so annoying) he is, it's all or nothing with Kenny when it comes to Duck's wellbeing. As we all know now, the attempt to save Shawn is going to be futile and his father, Hershel, will want you all to leave either way.

On the first play-through, you have no idea how royally screwed you'll be throughout the entire game should you choose to try and save Shawn over Duck. Kenny really never lets you forget the choice you made and the only way to keep him on your side in the end is to agree with him on nearly every single Kenny-related decision throughout The Walking Dead. Regardless of the choice you make, the weight of this moment sticks with you well after the game ends.

To be honest, I could probably make a list completely dedicated to all of the moments that you could possibly make Kenny hate you...but, we'll save that for another time! Moving along...

2. Asher or Rodrik: Who Stays Behind? From Game of Thrones: Season 1


The Game of Thrones universe is no walk in the park—the figurative highway of its story is quite literally paved with the dead bodies of its characters. Telltale's game is no different. You know and expect that many characters will die; all you can do is hope that the ones that you love the most will prevail. But, of course, this is almost never the case.

In the fifth episode of the series, "The Viper's Nest", Ramsey Snow decides that he wants the Whitehills and the Forresters to fight to the death. Asher and Rodrik's forces meet up in the North to prepare for battle, but they are suddenly ambushed by the Whitehills leaving us with one question: who should be sacrificed to quell the ambush? Asher or Rodrik?

After having grown to love the spirit and strength of not only the brothers but their entire family, the choice does not come easily. The cherry on top is the brutal death scene that follows for the doomed brother—flashes of Jon anyone?

3. Trust Fiona Or Jack From Tales of the Borderlands


Many of Telltale's games' most trying moments are decisions where friendships hang in the balance. One of the the most notable instances of this occurs in Tales from the Borderlands.


The cliffhanger of episode 2, "Atlas Mugged" leaves us in the heat of the moment at the Atlas Facility in the . After managing to set off an alarm, drones have surrounded the group and a fire storm begins—August is pointing his pistol at Sasha, Vince is grabbing do we diffuse the situation?

We've got Fiona ready to blow up the place, and Handsome Jack poised to take hold of the situation via the subsystems. It's a moment where you realize that your choice really does have larger implications—will you strengthen your relationship with Fiona or put some distance between yourself and Handsome Jack?

4. Which Area Should You Investigate First? From The Wolf Among Us


In , as the brooding detective Bigby, we are faced with a wealth of tough decisions. In the midst of an investigation about a series of murders, the game never lets us forget that every move counts.

During episode 3, "A Crooked Mile", we find ourselves at Lilly's Funeral shortly after Bigby has discovered important evidence tying Crane to the crimes. In the middle of the ceremony, Tweedles Dum and Dee arrive with shotguns and a shoot-out starts wounding Bigby, Holly, and Grendel in the process.


After all is said and done, we are left with three pressing leads and only a short amount of time to make our move—a mysterious meeting with Crane at 2:00AM, searching the Tweedles office, or sifting through Lilly's things to discover the source of her glamours. As usual, lives and truths hang in the balance—there's no way you didn't pause on this one!

5. Save Catwoman or Harvey Dent? From Batman: The Telltale Series


Telltale's most recent release, , brings us a lot of the Gotham that we know and love coupled with the punishing decision-related excitement that we've come to expect. The awesome thing about bringing all of this into Gotham is that we get to have a hand in the fates of some pretty key heroes (and villains) and their relationships with Batman. The perfect example of this pops up in episode two, "Children of Arkham".

The climax of this chapter finds us at a planned meet and greet between Hamilton Hill (current mayor of Gotham City) and Harvey Dent. Things don't go on for long before Cobblepot bursts in and takes the two hostage. Hill eventually admits to arranging the assassination of Bruce Wayne's parents before being killed by Cobblepot. With Hill gone, Cobblepot sets his eye on Harvey and Catwoman, leaving us with the pleasure of deciding who to save. Choose Catwoman and we get Two-Face (and sex?). Choose Harvey and Catwoman gets a bullet but also appears to flee successfully (no sex, probably). Tough choice!

No matter what though...


Honorable Mentions:

Sit with Kenny or Luke? from The Walking Dead: Season 2

Save Kenny or Jen? from The Walking Dead: Season 2

Save or Drop Ben? from The Walking Dead: Season 1

Kiss the Ring or Refuse? from Game of Thrones: Season 1

Kill or Spare The Crooked Man? from The Wolf Among Us

So, which memorable Telltale moments made you hit the pause button?

Source: [watchmojo]


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