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Startup sounds seem like innocuous little things, but when you use a piece of tech over a long time they tend to burrow themselves deep within your head. Most of the time a video game console's startup tune can be comforting, a nostalgic reminder of good times. But not always.

I still get a pleasant nostalgia kick every time I hear the 'SEGA!' intro, or the PS2 startup sequence. I can't be alone in my fondness for the GameCube's tinkly jingle. So prepare yourselves for the sound of your childhood being trampled on by 4 billion GameCubes.

Listen To The Sound Of 4 Billion GameCubes Starting At Once

The above video by YouTuber Mehkel starts out innocuously enough, a gentle reminder of chilling on the couch and getting psyched up for some Metroid Prime. Then it's played 4 times at once. Not so different. Then 16 times, followed by 32. Now it sounds just a

By the time it gets into the thousands, it's already starting to sound like something from a horror movie soundtrack. By the time we get to the final number of 4,294,967,296 it's an unholy, juddering cacophony that reminds me of the demonic noise from Sad Satan.

Back in the day, the GameCube was marketed with a horror angle. Imagine if they'd used Mehkel's sound in this TV ad:

Nowadays horror isn't really associated so much with GameCube or Nintendo in general, although listening to Mehkel's experiment does remind me of all those times Eternal Darkness totally made me lose my s**t.


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