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When we, Kevin Glaap and Zein Okko, met at the Cologne Game Lab and were tasked to create a story-driven game within a week, we didn't think that we would end up founding a company, finish a successful Kickstarter and win an award with a text adventure. But we did.

The Interface of Code 7
The Interface of Code 7

We wanted to do a text adventure, but we wanted to see how far we can go with the genre. We knew that in order to get the interest of a lot of players we had to get rid of some aspects that aren't working anymore today.

Such as reading a lot of text, having no orientation, getting stuck easily or even breaking the game by doing the wrong thing... and labyrinth. Oh God, not the labyrinth. The power of text adventures was in the world that is created in your head. This was the essence of what we wanted to do, a game that powers your imagination and immersion.

Code 7 is a text-based hacking adventure, that takes place on a fictional Operation System called "Lup-OS". You play the hacker Alex and use the terminal of Lup-OS to gather information, crack security and navigate your partner through the map. Everything is fully voiced, so that nobody is forced to read walls and walls of text. You control the game entirely by typing.

The prologue of the game "Episode 0: Allocation" is available for free for PC, Mac and Linux. Give it a try (by downloading the Demo): Humble Store

Original One-Week Prototype
Original One-Week Prototype

After showcasing the game at A Maze and Ludicious, we realized that players really enjoyed the experience and got sucked into the world, as soon as they put on the headphones. We even got nominated for the "Most Amazing Game" Award at A Maze 2015. This lead us to the decision to turn Code 7 into a full game with 6 Episodes and we founded Goodwolf Studio.

We did a lot of playtesting and gathered lots and lots of feedback, so we could make the input mechanism as good as possible. "Feedback" was our key word. While classic text adventures mostly left you alone with what you can and have to do, Code 7 shows you exactly what you can do by listing all available commands in a room and auto-completes them for you if wanted. It's up to the player to figure out what to do with them and how to solve the puzzles.

Setting up our booth at gamescom
Setting up our booth at gamescom

We continued showing our progress at different conventions like gamescom and AdventureX. In September we launched a Kickstarter, so we could fund the upcoming 5 episodes of the game and successfully raised 111% of the goal and gathered a wonderful and supportive community on the way. In October we received our first award, the "Best Student Project" award of Indie Games Play 7.

I'm not writing all this to boast, but to encourage to create games. You might think a small game, that is created in a jam, will probably not evolve to something bigger but it can. Start creating, fool around, experiment and sometimes something will come out of it, which gives you the feeling that you're on to something. We created Code 7 within a week, wrote the script, recorded the voice at home in Kevin's living room and published it on Game Jolt and and now we're here. Start small, dream big.

~Zein Okko


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