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You know what they say: "In with the family one day, and out after killing all of them in another." That's certainly how it plays out in Resident Evil 7 anyway, whether they say it or not.

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Everything happens so fast! One second you're eating Marge's lovely dinner and the next second you're burning Jack's eyes out. The surprises keep coming until the very end. Seriously—the ending is a kicker.

WARNING: If you don't want the ending spoiled, then you should avoid reading further!

Let's Think Twice About The Character Reveal At The End Of 'Resident Evil 7'

As fans of , we are used to bizarre plots, random twists and questionable writing. We can and should expect anything and everything from the stories that Capcom tells in the Resi universe.

Nevertheless, we are occasionally caught off-guard. In this case, the series' fanbase has been split on the topic of the cameo appearance made by a golden oldie following Resident Evil 7's final boss.

Hello... Redfield?

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

After Ethan manages to finish off the massive and terrifying house-sized Eveline, he's a bit worn out and you can hardly see what's around you anymore. The helicopter (from which the Albert-01 dropped mid-battle) above you comes a bit closer and stops.

You see two men in black suits drop down. One keeps watch and the other walks toward you, looks for a while and then removes his helmet.

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

"I'm Redfield," he says. And the crowd goes wild! Chris is back!

Or Not. Meet HUNK!

Resident Evil epilogue card ft. HUNK's face and 'Redfield' from Resident Evil 7. [Credit:]
Resident Evil epilogue card ft. HUNK's face and 'Redfield' from Resident Evil 7. [Credit:]

Word on the street is, that's not Chris Redfield at all. Many believe that this is actually HUNK pretending to be Chris. HUNK is a character that's been lurking behind the scenes since Resident Evil 2 and he's quite mysterious. We don't know his real name or anything about his past, but we do know that he's one of Umbrella's best and the former leader of the Alpha Team.

Though we can't be sure what HUNK's up to or where he's been, we do know he's alive. He was safely extracted from Raccoon City by Umbrella during the events of Resident Evil Outbreak #2.

A shot from the debut trailer for 'Resident Evil: Revelations' [Credit: Capcom]
A shot from the debut trailer for 'Resident Evil: Revelations' [Credit: Capcom]

So, why would he be pretending to be Chris? A scrapped storyline from Revelations also indicates that a cloned Chris was not too far outside of the Resi realm. Who better to bait our deceptively "normal" Ethan than a man that looks just like Chris down to the aura of safety that his trust worthy face exudes.

What if Umbrella, or its remnants, is behind HUNK's appearance here?

What About Neo-Umbrella?

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

While the Umbrella Corporation was supposedly disbanded between Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4, it's a rare case when anything or anyone in the series dies and remains dead. Given the possibility of Wesker's renewed existence, it wouldn't be too hard to believe that there may have been some type of Umbrella resurgence.

At one point in Resi 7, you find a photo of the Umbrella helicopter—most likely taken by one of the Bakers—asking if whoever is in the helicopter is watching them. Watching a family suffer is a pretty mean thing to do... maybe too mean for the real Chris Redfield, if you ask me.

Are We Being Too Analytical?

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

The overwhelming dissent to this has been that we should take the reveal at face value. These non-believers say that Chris could have simply stolen the helicopter, turned to the dark side or even made a new, nicer Umbrella Corporation. The name "Chris Redfield" in the credits further supports this line of thought.

But I think that, if we are meant to take everything at face value, then we should really do that because it's becoming quite clear that the answers are right under our noses. There are a number of things that Capcom is giving us here to indicate that things are not alright.

Let me put it this way—"face value" shows us:

  • HUNK-style Umbrella gear
  • An Umbrella helicopter
  • A man that does not look like Chris.
  • A man that's on Alpha team
  • A man that throws us a gun named for Albert Wesker designed to destroy BOWs
  • A man that discusses shoot-to-kill orders—orders that we saw The Organization give Mia in the flashback should things go awry (and we all know the real Chris never shoots when he should)
Evolution of Chris. [Credit: Capcom]
Evolution of Chris. [Credit: Capcom]

Furthermore, the upcoming free DLC has a title that would imply that we are not, in fact, dealing with the cuddly good guy we know and love because this guy's Not A Hero.

Chris would have just looked like Chris, y'all. Faces may change but not that much—just look at the Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer. If Capcom believed we were smart enough to cope with a wardrobe change and a new look, they would have been writing stories this riveting a long time ago.

Regardless of whether you're suspicious about this "Redfield" or not, we'll all be able to discover the truth once the free "Not A Hero" DLC is released this spring on and . Until then, keep it moldy!

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UPDATE 3/16/2017: Capcom has released a statement regarding the cameo on their Japanese blog. While they may have completely discredited the theory by stating that Chris Redfield is indeed that HUNK at the end of the game, we have our doubts. Check out the link above for our thoughts on Resident Evil 7's chopper-using cameo person. Do you agree?

Are you buying into the hype? Is this Chris or is this someone else?

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