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Earlier today, the Blizzard Gear Store released dozens of BlizzCon goodies upon the world for anyone with a BlizzCon ticket (virtual or otherwise) to purchase. And oh my gosh, there are some good items this year.

Plushes and clothing and knickknacks, oh my! But even among a bunch of winning items, there are always going to be a select few that are the best of the best. These seven earn that title.

1. Overwatch Pachimari Plush

Really, this was inevitable from the second they were conceived as a prop in Overwatch. These half-onion, half-octopus creatures (yes, really) are adorable, squeaky, and great for shooting endlessly before your match starts.

Naturally, they're also perfect additions to your plush collection which is totally cool despite what your boring friends say.

2. Cute but Deadly Murloc Robe and Slippers


Do I have to say much about these? They're amazing. Look at them! That robe has murloc spikes on it! Those slippers smile with their adorable faces!

Not sold? Consider this: You wake up in the morning. You're grumpy because it's Monday and you've overslept. Plus, that guy James is always humble-bragging about his work performance. It's not a great start to the day but then wait! What's this?

That's right, you forgot you fell asleep in your murloc robe and slippers! Looking at yourself immediately puts a smile on your face and turns this Monday into a Friday. Take that, James!

3. Hearthstone Flannel Jacket

"What's so special about a flannel jacket?" you're probably wondering. On its own, not much (nothing against flannel jackets). This makes the list because it's an overt shout-out to Hearthstone's Lead Designer Ben Brode. Seriously, the dude is always wearing some sort of flannel button-up.

If you're somehow unfamiliar with Ben Brode, then allow me to introduce you to four-and-a-half minutes of him laughing during the recent Old Gods expansion reveal. Ben Brode just exudes energy and is a bright spot in the Hearthstone and Blizzard communities. So the fact that you, too, can be Ben Brode is great!

4. All These Overwatch Mugs

I drink enough coffee to make Lorelai Gilmore jealous, and if you're reading this article and also got that reference, these will be just as perfect for you as they are for me.

But maybe you're not a coffee drinker. Maybe you fancy yourself a cup of tea. These work for that, too! Heck, they work for anything. They're mugs!

The only question is, which one is best?

5. This Ridiculously Pretty Hearthstone Giant Mousepad

Okay, for starters, this oversized mousepad is a stunning work of art. There are lots of little details like Uther holding his mug of beer, Anduin pondering his next move, and Gul'dan being his evil ol' self.

But the reason I love it? It fully embraces the "Thrall is Jesus" meme that permeates the community. I mean, come on, I'm not the only one who sees that, right?

6. This Badass Diablo Bottle Opener

When I first saw this, I did not know it was a bottle opener. I just thought it was a sweet-looking, golden Diablo insignia. But the fact that it doubles as a bottle opener sold me on it.

How cool will it be to be able to pass around Diablo's head among your friends while you each pop open a cold one with the Lord of Terror in your hands? Very cool, that's how.

7. Cute but Deadly Sylvanas Crossbody Bag

Look, I love Sylvanas. This bag is a cute-ified version of her that still looks like she's one stupid remark away from sending an arrow straight to your face.

What better way to show off your playful-but-threatening personality than wearing this bag? Approach with caution, outsiders! Also, let's be BFFs.

There are several more items on the official pre-sale page, so be sure to check them out. And remember, if you can't make it to BlizzCon, you can still gain access to all the merchandise if you have a Virtual Ticket!


Which BlizzCon pre-sale item is your favorite?


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