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For untold centuries, a war has raged between two houses, both alike in dignity. The dog people and the cat people have fought ferociously, with teeth, claws and weaponized squeaky toys, each side determined to prove their superiority over the other. It is a war that has lasted far longer than any battle between console fans.

The Best Cute Cat Games For Feline Fans

As a dog person, I have come to make peace. Though I may not share your beliefs in the superiority of felines, I respect them. We all have to find a way to share this earth together, so as a peace offering, I've brought you a heap of the best cute kitty offerings in .

'Catlateral Damage'

[Credit: Fire Hose Games]
[Credit: Fire Hose Games]
  • Developers: Chris Chung, Fire Hose Games
  • Publisher: Fire Hose Games
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ouya, Macintosh operating systems

Now you too can experience a totally, 100% accurate simulation of what your cat does when you leave them alone in the house. Catlateral Damage is an adorable first-person cat-destruction game, where you must use your natural talents as an adorable little kitty cat to absolutely annihilate everything in your path by pushing it onto the floor.

Despite the ostensibly simple gameplay, Catlateral Damage is one of the most fun and addicting games I've played in a while. There's a ton of different cats to unlock for your destruction pleasure, as well as a bunch of awesome side missions like supermarket trips and destroying a natural history museum.

'Neko Atsume'

[Credit: Hit-Point]
[Credit: Hit-Point]
  • Developer: Hit-Point
  • Publisher: Hit-Point
  • Platforms: Android, iOS

Neko Atsume understands that there's a lot of budding cat maniacs in the world who simply can't afford to fill their living space with feline friends at the moment. Maybe you work too much, your partner's allergic (dump them) or your landlord doesn't allow cats.

Either way, Neko Atsume will provide you the pleasure of descending into cat lady (or cat person, let's not be exclusionary) status by giving you a big old virtual house to fill with adorable cartoon cats. From common tabbies to legendary rare cats like Chairman Meow, Neko Atsume will shower you in feline friends as long as you keep the food stocked, the toys out and the fun rolling. There's also a movie adaptation coming out, if you want some live-action kitties to supplement your virtual collection.

'Cat Goes Fishing'

[Credit: Cat5Games]
[Credit: Cat5Games]
  • Developer: Cat5Games
  • Publisher: Cat5Games
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows

This simple little fishing game is perfect for cat-loving kids or adults who don't like to admit they also love certain games designed for kids. Me, I'm talking about me there. It's an adorable little game about being a cat who's somehow managed to get a hold of a fishing rod and presumably, opposable thumbs. You start with the most basic fishing equipment in Cat Goes Fishing but can soon earn better stuff until you're the kitty master of the fishing circuit.

'Shelter 2'

[Credit: Might and Delight]
[Credit: Might and Delight]
  • Developer: Might and Delight
  • Publisher: Might and Delight
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

It's not just housecats up in here. Shelter 2 gives players a unique and educational look into the lives of the wild Lynx. You play as a mother Lynx looking after a litter of cubs, who must survive into adulthood in a world filled with wolves, starvation and danger.

The graphics, though not high-res, have a really unique and gorgeous aesthetic that almost looks hand painted. The soundtrack is even better, with a gorgeous, warm ambience that blends classical instruments with natural sounds. Even if the game isn't your speed, I recommend checking the music out.

'The Cat Machine'

[Credit: Cranktrain]
[Credit: Cranktrain]
  • Developer: Cranktrain
  • Publisher: Cranktrain
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS

The premise of The Cat Machine is simple. There's a giant underground machine that functions almost entirely using cats and it's the only thing stopping the earth's orbit around the sun from spinning wildly out of control.

Did I say simple? I meant insane. The nutso premise aside. The Cat Machine is a super cute game of absolutely mind-bending logic puzzles. To keep the earth on a stable orbit, you'll need to get groups of color-coded cats where they're going with an array of conveyor belts, switches and other goodies. If you're looking to have your brain teased while surrounded by cute kitties, The Cat Machine is purrrrrfect.

I had to do that pun once, contractually.

'The Cat And The Coup'

  • Developers: Peter Brinson, Kurosh ValaNejad
  • Publishers: Peter Brinson, Kurosh ValaNejad
  • Platform: Windows 10

This one isn't quite as adorable as the others, but was so unique (and free!) that I had to include it. The Cat And The Coup puts you in the paws of the cat belonging to Iran's first democratically elected prime minister. Through a series of puzzles, you'll learn all about election, life and eventual downfall at the hands of a coup.

The game is super educational, but also includes some of the most unique and wonderful graphics I've ever seen in a game. It's honestly almost impossible to describe the blend of photography, Islamic geometric art and hand-painted assets that combine to make the gorgeous visuals of the game, so I'll just urge you to check it out yourself.

'Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora'

[Credit: Glass Bottom Games]
[Credit: Glass Bottom Games]
  • Developer: Glass Bottom Games
  • Publisher: Glass Bottom Games
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora is an awesome homage to both classic noir detective stories and point-and-click adventure gameplay, but approaches both with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. You play as Emma Jones, the gruff, no-nonsense PI who happens to have a cat wearing a fedora as a partner.

Probably the best part about the game is the hilarious approach they've taken to adventure gameplay. Emma's a shoot first, ask questions later kind of girl, in the most literal sense. To interact with the world and solve the mystery, you'll have to shoot objects and people with special bullets that have different effects. It's certainly an interesting approach to careful investigation.

'Cat Simulator'

[Credit: Swift Apps LLC]
[Credit: Swift Apps LLC]

Developer: Swift Apps LLC

Publisher: Swift Apps LLC

Platforms: iOS, Android

If you loved the gameplay of Catlateral Damage and wish you could take it on the go with you, then Cat Simulator has you covered. The gameplay is fairly similar to Catlateral Damage, though with a third-person perspective instead of first.

It's a fun romp, with lots of challenges and things to unlock, and it's pretty perfect to take on the toilet or the train when you need to kill a few minutes (please don't combine those two). The graphics are surprisingly high res, which is quite nice for a mobile game, though the controls are a bit clunkier than the standard mouse and keyboard controls of Catlateral Damage.

What are your favorite kitty games? Got any favorite felines in gaming? Let us know in the comments!


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