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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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Memes. They're an integral part of video game culture, and also pretty damn hilarious.

Funny video game memes are a great way for gamers to connect with one another, ignore the pointless battles between platforms, stop worrying about performance issues and simply laugh at the experiences we all share on a daily basis. #VideoGames are supposed to bring us together, are they not?

So let's take some time to share in some of the greatest video game memes the internet has to offer. If you know of any others, don't hesitate to share them in the comments below!

The Best Collection Of Video Game Memes On The Internet!

Like hilarious video game related stuff? You'll love this old Crash Bandicoot ad!

You Tell 'Em, Sean!

Come on, when you start a game you're in for the long haul! This guy knows what I'm talking about:

God Damn Sidequests...

Look Mom, I needed to find this guy's goat, then his goat was all like, "Don't hurt me!" and got me in touch with this demon, but the demon turned out to be a really nice guy who was just being controlled by this evil overlord and it all just got out of hand. Oh, it's light outside.

Man's Gotta Make Money

This dude understands that we need hotdogs to fuel the chaos!


Get down off your high bicycle, Oak.

You Know... I Never Thought Of That

That's one weak-ass frog!

God Damn It Uncharted

They knew he was coming.

"Quick! Light the damn candles! ATMOSPHERE, PEOPLE; ATMOSPHEEEERE!

Yeah... Yeah.

Nice one, devs. All the sense was made.

What Else Are You Supposed To Do?

Put out the fire? Please! That's not what the Sims is about.

Damn, These Ancient Civilizations Were WAY Ahead Of Their Time

A gold-plated machine gun, no less!

His Face Is Pretty Unrecognizable Though...

I only remember what my friends look like based on their wanted posters!

Well, Mario Doesn't Want To Appear An Ass

Besides, keep your enemies closer and all that.

Oh Right, You Didn't Do It, Corvo!

But what about the bloody streets of Dunwall...?

With bizarre logic out of the way, let's examine how all of us feel at some point while playing games!

What Is My Companion Wearing?!

*Die instantly* Ohh, now I remember why I stopped playing this game.

Suuuuure You Did

I can't even believe the meme!

Every. Damn. Time.

All you can hope for is that the enemy is as blind as you are and, for just a moment, two warriors on the battlefield are blindly emptying their magazines in the most frantic way possible, hoping to land the finishing blow. God, that sounded very sexual, didn't it?

Guilty As Charged

I even try to reload as Hanzo in #Overwatch. I have a problem...

Of Course Not, Boss. What Do You Take Me For?

The keyboard was like that when I got it. I swear!

Mooooom, You Just Don't Understand

Also works with Dark Souls.

Mom: "Dinner is ready now!"

Me: "You can't pause in Dark Souls, mom. I have to find a safe place to stop."

Mom: "That is literally the worst excuse I've ever heard."

Me: "But... it's true."

Every RPG Ever

Then I start the game, see my character from a certain angle during a cutscene, decide they're the most hideous creature I've ever created and instantly restart. Rinse and repeat.

A Nice Workaround

I'm just gonna cover this up...

"While We're Young!!"

It's generally me though lol.

"Hurry up asshooo... oh, I forgot to press X."

Had To Include This

I hope you understand why.

Patience, Marines

"Aaaaand she's slayed, let's go fellas!"

Some Realities Are Too Harsh

Damn you job. Damn you.

That Comment

RELAX! Relax. We all have families here.

Them's Fighting Words

*Puts Krabby Patty down*

You Might Wanna Turn Around

*Tries to speed through conversation as fast possible.*

Why We Judge?

It's never our fault is it?

Oh My, What A Beautiful Day!

Let's get some air in here, all this rage is making me sweaty.

Ha Ha Ha

Oh the puns.

We've Got Great Lives Ahead

Yes we will, my friends. Yes we will.

Got any great video game memes you wanna share?

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