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It's one of those songs that is instantly recognizable, being the soundtrack to most of our childhoods. The theme, whistled the world around, is a piece whose influence knows no bounds. But I never thought I'd see the day where it gets performed by the very man who developed, designed and produced Mario and many more generation defining games, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto.

This pretty special gaming event took place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, where the was also shown playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the very first time!

But after seeing these guys do such a great job performing the Mario theme, I couldn't help myself and went to check what else the internet had to offer in terms of covers of 's favorite son's theme. I reckon you're going to love what I've found!

Watch The Man Himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, Cover The Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack

This footage, as you'll probably agree, is pretty ace. It's simply Miyamoto playing the guitar alongside The Roots. Even Jimmy Fallon makes a small appearance, bringing in some iconic melodies with his little ? Block. I had no idea that Miyamoto could play the guitar, so I was pretty shocked to see this legend looking right at home next to The Roots!

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

The rest of Jimmy Fallon's show was dedicated to the Nintendo Switch, so we got to see some in game footage of the aforementioned in action, alongside Fallon losing his mind over it. But, just before that particular joy, we also got to see Super Mario Run on the iOS, which, with its Kingdom Builder mode, looks fantastic.

It really is a special time to be a Nintendo fan, which is more than a good enough reason to celebrate with a collection of some of the best Super Mario Bros. soundtrack covers I could find. Let's see if any of them can out play Miyamoto himself! Which is obviously a hard ask...

Can Any Of These Fans Out Do Miyamoto And The Roots?

First up is Igor Presnyakov on the guitar, a clear Mario super fan. He plays the Super Mario Bros. theme perfectly, but also gives it a really nice, finger-picking, classical guitar twist.

Next is Hikakin, a Japanese beatboxer. Yes, this is a video of a beatboxer mixing up the Super Mario Bros. theme. Pretty innovative stuff!

This is my personal favorite. It comes from cherrycakemusic, and it brings a very unique French sound to the Super Mario Bros. Underwater theme. It even gives it some lyrics, which, despite not understanding a word of, sound great. Un, deux, trois!

Fourth on my list is from 331Erock, who turns it up a notch with this Super Mario Bros. meets metal video! I would've loved to have had this in the game, it sounds epic!

The last on my list doesn't come from just one fan, but a whole orchestra of them! Straight from Dimix86's channel, this video shows the Eminence Symphony Orchestra rocking the Super Mario Bros. theme. What a treat to hear!


Who do you think did the best cover of Super Mario Bros?

Also, if you haven't already seen the launch trailer for the new Switch console, then you can watch it right here!


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