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I've played a lot of Overwatch. But then, who hasn't? As I teeter just beyond level 3,000 in the second season of Blizzard's competitive mode, I can feel pretty proud of my accomplishments... sometimes—between bouts of ferocious rage, that is. But then I head over to Twitch or YouTube to see how others part take and realize that my accomplishments amount to... well, not a lot.

For those looking to improve their game, or those who simply enjoy basking in entertaining streams, there are TONS of gamers out there to watch as they master the basics of this addictive game. We're here to amass the greats. So, without further ado, let's watch some freakin' Overwatch!!!

Ranking the Best 'Overwatch' Streamers

Why not also watch the best Overwatch short film to date (yes, it's better than the adorable Bastion one)? After all, Hanzo is mighty, mighty cool.

You Want Skillz?

Here are the best of the best. Some of these streamers even play Overwatch professionally! And being able to focus on how they command their characters and turn the tide of battle is a real pleasure. So much insight, so much fun.

  • Lassiz - A member of the eSports team, Dignitas, Lassiz is a regular streamer on Twitch and the man is a damn good Zarya player. Super entertaining, but my god can you learn a lot from his skilful execution.
  • A_Seagull - A rather angelic Hanzo player, A_Seagull boasts a score of over 4,000 on ranked mode. Watching him and his team dominate online is an absolute pleasure. I feel embarrassed for maining as Hanzo, now :(
  • IMPAKTpt - A beloved World of Warcraft player along with other Blizzard IPs, IMPAKT can often be found smashing it in Overwatch, teaching us how almost any character in the game can be played. Loving his Mei game, though.
  • MmBoKo - A chore member of the Serenity guild in World of Warcraft, MmBoKo has dabbled with Overwatch on numerous occasions and we love how he's taken to the game. Learn well, younglings.
  • ForceStrategyGaming - Force is a great personality on YouTube, but his streams on Twitch are a ton of fun and really insightful. His analysis of Overwatch, its systems and how other players engage with it is truly helpful for anyone who wants to improve.
  • Slam Jam - Always nice to see someone mastering Ana, probably because she still feels so new to me. Ster is a well decorated Overwatch player and his team have plenty of banter during matches. But trust me, there's a lot to learn beneath the childish humor.
  • Roflgator - Playing for Fnatic, Roflgator is a masterful player of D.Va and Tracer. With the speed of the latter character and the tanky goodness of the Korean eSports player, there are two great ways of playing to observe here.
  • Atomicus - A true grandmaster. A man who boasts a ranking of over 4,000, Atomicus is a pleasure to observe, especially since the teams he plays against are masters themselves. He's a god at the wheel of Genji. So jealous.
  • Ryujehong - If you're looking to check one of the greatest Ana players in the whole damn world, look no further than this Korean master. This professional player only speaks Korean during his streams, but they're worth the watch regardless.

Are You Not Entertained?

Time for some fun. I'm in no way saying that these streamers aren't good at Overwatch, in fact some of them rank WAY above 3,500 on the competitive scale. But they're perfect for relaxing, laughing and simply enjoying yourself. Be careful, some addictive streamers ahead.

  • Seltzer - Seltzer is a ton of fun to watch. She's passionate, gets wonderfully frustrated and kills it as D.Va. She's also great as Zarya. And McCree...just watch her!
  • Fenn3r - An admirer of Tracer (check out those golden guns) and a fun lad to watch and listen to, Fenn3r is a streamer worth spending time with. Boasting a rank way over 3,000 and a love for McCree, you're bound to have a good time.
  • UnitLost - Unit Lost is probably my favorite Overwatch streamer and player over on YouTube. He has informative videos on how to play characters, he's damn good at the game and he's wonderfully entertaining. This is how you stream Overwatch, people!
  • Dyrus - A master of League of Legends and a member of the SoloMid team, Dyrus has dabbled with the big O on multiple occasions and we love him for it. Absolutely terrific mastery of the game.
  • MOONMOON_OW - This guy is damn, damn good at Overwatch. But his streams are lighthearted, exciting and wonderfully engaging. His team are so much fun and the voices he has reading out his messages are terribly funny.
  • Pokelawls - While not exactly a popular streamer, Pokelawls is a lot of fun to listen to and he's damn good. He's on the cusp of level 4,000 and we can't wait to see him reach it.
  • Losefruit - A player of tons of Blizzard properties, Losefruit is a really fun streamer. With bouncy tunes accompanying her online exploits, her sessions with Overwatch are bound to entertain.
  • TviQuE - This guy plays SO MUCH OVERWATCH. If you're looking to watch a stream, you can almost guarantee this guy will be on during the day. He's fun, insightful and a talented bastard. Enjoy.
  • Rudeism - For pure, unadulterated fun, look no further than Australian streamer Rudeism. He's played Overwatch in a lot of very strange ways. Like that time he controlled Mercy with an actual broomstick! And somehow played Winston with a ton of bananas. Now that's some entertaining gaming!

Who are your favorite Overwatch streamers?


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