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Praise Talos, with the release of Skyrim: Special Edition, our favorite Skyrim mods are now available for PC, XboxOne and PS4. You can download Skyrim mods at now, though PC users can still use Nexus.

Picking the best mods is a tough challenge, there are so many out there. This time, we'd like to highlight the best Skyrim mods that add new areas, lands and dungeons for the Dragonborn to adventure in. Thought vanilla Skyrim's open world was big? With these mods, it's about to get mammoth-sized.


Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky
Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky

Falskaar remains one of the most ambitious mods ever created for Skyrim, boasting around 30 hours of new content. Rather than merely expanding Skyrim, Falskaar sends the Dragonborn through a magic portal to an entirely new world that puts a novel twist on familiar Skyrim elements.

Falskaar provides additional dungeons, quests and items with a remarkable level of polish, including new music and fully voice-acted NPCs. The voice acting is impressive for an amateur project, though not necessarily to everyone's taste. Still, every Dragonborn should take a trip to Falskaar, if only to see the scale of what is possible with Bethesda's creation kit.


A personal favorite, Wyrmstooth was beloved by fans, but sadly the mod author is no longer working on the project. However, Wyrmstooth - Legacy has picked up its legacy and have put in the polish necessary to get it to run on Skyrim: Special Edition. This is a dragon hunt with a difference. The quest takes you on a journey to the titular island where the Dragonborn can get up to his usual habits of messing around in the wildness and helping/exploiting everyone in their path.

Wyrmstooth's main quest and dungeons are well designed and come stocked with some cool new spells and a fantastic end boss, but there are also great side-quests, including one where the player can renovate an old imperial fort and convert it into a new player home/stronghold.

Beyond Reach

Beyond Reach is one of the newer mega-mods with a scope to rival Falskaar. The Beyond Skyrim project seeks to make massive new land mods that detail areas of Tamriel outside of Skyrim, and Beyond Reach sets its sights on the other side of the reach, the border with High Rock.

With a huge area (the size of three Skyrim holds), plenty of new quests and locations to explore, I'm just getting started with Beyond Reach but already relishing my Dragonborn's trip across the border. There are plenty of new quests tangled with an overarching plot that involves orcish invaders, strange cults, a mercenary faction and a strange plague. The new items, especially the armor (by modding hero Hothtrooper44) look polished and functional, and I can't wait to get my grubby hands on all of them.

Sulfur and Fire- Trial of Mehrunes Dagon

This mod by MihailMods is a real treat for anyone who loved The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It's a new area intended for Dragonborn who have completed Mehrunes Dagon's daedric quest. After becoming Dagon's champion, the dragonborn has a chance to enter Dagon's realm Oblivion and adventure there.

As you can see by Sinitar Gaming's trailer, Dagon's corner of Oblivion is classically infernal, filled with dangerous new Daedra to slay and armor and weapons to loot from them—it brings a touch of Diablo to Skyrim.

The Hall Of Memories: Reencounters In Moonshadow

Mihail's creative talents extend beyond heavy metal hellscapes, however. His other Daedric realm mod, Hall Of Memories showcases the rather more appealing (though still dangerous) realm of Azura, that prince so beloved by Dunmer and Khajit.

Don't let the gardens and dolphins fool you, Azura will test the Dragonborn's skills with a series of challenges involving heroes from past Elder Scrolls titles. There are nice shout outs to Elder Scrolls lore throughout, new monsters and items, and some welcome changes of scenery from fantasy Scandinavia.

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City has won awards for the quality of its writing and its main appeal is the plot-a murder mystery set in an ancient underground city. Without spoiling too much, I can recommend it based on the sheer amount of options and non-linear approach.

With a well written story and high production values, The Forgotten City is easily one of the most well-polished mods out there, with a lot of attention to detail and believable NPCs. At around 7 hrs playtime to solve the quest, it's not quite the size of a Falskaar or Beyond Reach, but still a worthwhile new area to the game.

Yet To Come

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited to see what other lands the modding community make for Skyrim, especially with the new possibilities of the Special Edition. It's still amazing how this 5 year old game is inspiring people to look at it from different angles. In particular, I'm still holding out for the release of Skywind, since Bethesda aren't going to make more Elder Scrolls remasters.

Check out the latest Skywind trailer below:

What are your favorite lands to journey to via Skyrim mods? Are there any that you'd still like to see?


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