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The final DLC adventure for Dark Souls 3 is out, closing out the epic dark fantasy trilogy with The Ringed City, which takes us to the edge of the world and the end of existence itself. Let it never be said that FromSoftware doesn't like their dramatic. The newest adventure offers up new enemies, new bosses and of course, new weapons.

The Best And Most Powerful Weapons In 'Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City'

While pretty much every weapon in the new is kind of amazing in its own way, there's a few that really stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to PvP. We've put together a list of the best and most powerful weapons in : The Ringed City.

1. Demon's Scar

[Credit: Namco Bandai]
[Credit: Namco Bandai]

The Demon's Scar is an incredible tool for pyromancy builds, offering the perfect combination of a powerful chaos weapon with a great moveset and an excellent Pyromancy catalyst all in one compact package. The strength of the Demon's Scar lies in its versatility, as you can chain powerful, swift attacks from its curved sword moveset into pyromancy spells. Two excellent options are to follow up a successful hit with Black Flame, or launch a Chaos Bed Vestiges after two hits in PvP to catch opponents who try to roll out of your combos.

2. Ledo's Great Hammer

[Credit: Namco Bandai]
[Credit: Namco Bandai]

Ledo's Great Hammer is a godsend for strength builds. This gigantic hammer hits like a ton of bricks and has some of the best reach in the game, not to mention the massive amount of poise you get when wielding it.

To use the Great Hammer effectively, you'll want to raise your strength to around 60-66 and give yourself plenty of vitality as well. Chaining a regular hit into the weapon art has the potential to melt an opponent's healthbar in a single combo, and even if they're left alive, you've got the hyper-armor to trade blows and finish them off.

3. Gael's Greatsword

[Credit: Namco Bandai]
[Credit: Namco Bandai]

Gael's Greatsword is another entry into the category of excellent quality build weapons. It's got great damage at 40/40 dexterity and strength and the fantastic moveset of a greatsword, including a nice poke on the strong attack.

Where the weapon really excels though is its Weapon Art. The first attack comes out blisteringly fast, and always strikes toward your enemy no matter what direction you leap in, which lets you come in at unpredictable angles. The R2 follow-up is also great for catching opponents off guard, especially if the first attack whiffs.

4. Giant Door Shield

If you love the idea of endlessly frustrating your opponents, then the Giant Door Shield is the perfect choice for you. This dual 'weapon' may not do a ton of damage, but it leaves almost no openings for your opponent to attack, and can slowly whittle them down with slams and shoves that will annoy the hell out of them.

Make sure you pair this build with a Chloranthy Ring +3 and other stamina increasing rings, to use it to its full evil potential. Nothing like turning yourself into a walking tank.

5. Ringed Knight Straight Sword

[Credit: Namco Bandai]
[Credit: Namco Bandai]

At some point, someone at From Soft sat down and said, "Hey, remember how ridiculous the Dark Sword used to be? What if we did it again but better in basically every way?" Whatever safety measures that should have been in place to immediately eject him from the room apparently didn't work, because they ended up creating the Ringed Knight Straight Sword, an insanely powerful weapon with one of the best Weapon Arts in the game. Just turn it on, walk towards your opponent and go to town.

6. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

[Credit: Namco Bandai]
[Credit: Namco Bandai]

What's better than an ultra greatsword? Two ultra greatswords of course! The Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords combine fantastic reach, incredible damage and huge, sweeping combos that can easily destroy multiple opponents at once. Combine the L1 combo and the weapon art for some unpredictable, hard-to-dodge attacks with loads of poise-armor attached.

Despite the gigantic nature of the weapons, they actually favor a quality build more than anything. So make sure to get your strength and dexterity nice and high, with a good amount of endurance and vigor for good measure, then just go crazy tanking through enemy hits to lay on massive beat downs.

What are your thoughts about The Ringed City? Anything you want a guide on? Let us know in the comments!


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