ByJay Ricciardi, writer at
Former Senior Editor of Now Loading.
Jay Ricciardi

Sombra is here. Finally. Whew. And you can see the trailer over on our other post.

The ultra cool Latina hacker has joined Overwatch and is available to play at Blizzcon right now (to all of us non-attendees chagrin). But I, like many of you, are already super into this new character. Mostly because of the boop:

She's bubbly, she's badass, she boops. She also represents yet another excellent stride in Overwatch's dedication to a cast of diverse female characters, and that's always a huge plus.

We'll find out more about Sombra within the next 24 hours, just as soon as some of our Now Loading writers can pry themselves away from playing her to give us the rundown on her abilities and playstyle.

So far, all we know is that she can hack other players' abilities, may have parkour abilities like Hanzo/Genji, and plays a sneaky role in the Overwatch lore as a black-mailing free agent.


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