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So far, the world of virtual reality controllers has been burdened with cumbersome wires and platform exclusives. The immersion is there for the taking, so long as you don't take one too many steps to the left. Fist-punching its way out of the limited box created by the status quo, the CaptoGlove is an innovative Kickstarter that promises a wireless plug-and-play controller for gaming and smart devices for both virtual and augmented reality platforms.

Fits Like A Glove

Credit: CaptoGlove
Credit: CaptoGlove

According to the company's website, the CaptoGlove has been designed to allow the consumer a choice of VR pathway. Indeed, this modern mitten is compatible with:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard, and more
Credit: CaptoGlove
Credit: CaptoGlove

All PC games are also compatible with the , allowing for the PC Master Race to try their hand with the device to determine the likely benefit. All going well, the CaptoGlove's ambition is to replace the keyboard and mouse configuration with its more intuitive and responsive design that can be customized to a particular specific style of play:

CaptoGlove comes with a powerful GUI that lets you “transform” specific movements of your hand or fingers to standard inputs of your game or device controls. The GUI has several pre-loaded profiles that can be used to play most common videogames in a predefined manner. Nevertheless, you can change these profiles or build your own from scratch to fully customize the way you want to interact with your games. The GUI will be available from the Download section of

This Is The CaptoGlove In Action

Look Pa, Two Hands

As you can see, it makes no difference whether you choose to play one- or two-handed games; the CaptoGlove has got you covered.

Don't Forget Augmented Reality

Gone are the days of kids running around with little more than sticks and their active imaginations. It's a new dawn of immersion that has infiltrated the world around you, with layers of virtual adversaries and distractions.

Credit: CaptoGlove
Credit: CaptoGlove

The compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets means mobile gaming is now at your fingertips. But be mindful of your surroundings as there are consequences for your actions IRL.

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This Is How You Get Your Hands On One

Credit: CaptoGlove
Credit: CaptoGlove

The pledge goal of $50,000 has been well and truly exceeded, meaning the CaptoGlove is now a thing of reality. The clock is ticking, though, with the Kickstarter ending Monday, April 24. That is just around the corner, so if you don’t want to let this one slip through your fingers, you better jump on board now.

The available pledges range from $125 for one glove, and up to $700 for the whole kit and caboodle:

You will receive a pair of CaptoGloves (both left & right hand) and two additional CaptoSensors.

The additional CaptoSensors can be coupled with the CaptoGloves to provide an advanced dead reckoning positional tracking, therefore obtaining 10DoF+10DoF capability (20DoF). This will enable more precise tracking of hands and arms that may be requested in some VR/AR applications. After the campaign ends, you will be able to choose your preferred size (medium or large).

What Will You Do?

Credit: CaptoGlove
Credit: CaptoGlove

From everything we've seen demonstrated thus far, this gaming glove looks to be an easy VR fit that brings the intuitiveness of natural hand movements to the gaming space. All signs point to CaptoGlove developers taking this to the retail market following the conclusion of the Kickstarter.

The question now is, do you jump on board, hoping for an early-bird discount, or do you wait for more conclusive consumer feedback?


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