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Jay Ricciardi

Most of the people foaming at the mouth for Pokémon Sun & Moon, picking their starter weeks ahead of time, have had their 3DSs at the ready for weeks waiting for the November 18th release.

But if you've been unsure if you can play, didn't realize it was releasing so soon, or otherwise just don't have a DS – you should probably get one. Sun & Moon is one of the best Pokémon games ever made and brings a ton of cool new Pokémon, new Alola takes on old (Vulpix and Ninetails are ICE types now, for example), and massive improvements to the old Pokémon formula.

2DS For $79.99

The easiest and cheapest option for playing Pokémon Sun & Moon is the very convenient 2DS. The 2DS is a bit of an overall downgrade, but only really lacks two features of a full 3DS:

  • It doesn't flip shut
  • It doesn't have 3D abilities

If you don't mind the 2DS not closing and you can live without the 3D – a lot of people turn the 3D view off – then this $80 option is the perfect way to play Sun & Moon. It may be marketed towards younger kids, but just about any GameStop, GAME, or BestBuy is pretty much guaranteed to have them in stock.

If you just want a device for playing Sun & Moon and you want it now, this is your best bet!

New 3DS For $99.99

If you can wait just another week, you'll be able to get an insane deal on a New 3DS for just a hot $100. The limited edition New 3DS is available at all American retailers. If you don't know, the New 3DS has:

  • Larger screens than old 3DS
  • Face-tracking for better 3D
  • Two extra bumper buttons and a C-stick
  • Faster load times

If you can wait a week and don't want to break the bank, this deal is definitely the best bang for your buck.

I hope these two deals are handy if you're planning on playing . And, as a bonus, if you want to wait even longer the Nintendo will reportedly also play its own version of Sun & Moon and will retail in early 2017 for $250.

Personally, I sure as hell couldn't wait for Black Friday, so I just snagged my 2DS last week, caught a Pikachu to add to my full team of Slowpokes and I'm sure to be Alola Champion any day now!


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