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Injustice 2 is out, and like all of NetherRealm's recent games, it features a full-fledged cinematic story mode that guides you through the events of the game in a mixture of awesome fights and epic cut scenes. But for some fans, the ending to this saga of alliances forged and shattered was somewhat confusing.

What Happened In The Endings To 'Injustice 2'?

[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]

In Injustice 2, the former members of the regime and the resistance must band together in order to overcome the apocalyptic power of Brainiac, a super-intelligent extraterrestrial AI with a penchant for stealing entire cities.

As expected when you team up with a black-clad control freak with a hard rule against killing anyone ever with a murderous group of former despots, things don't go entirely to plan, and the alliance starts to break down after the defeat of Brainiac.

From here, players are given a choice of two endings, they can either side with Batman and his allies, including the reformed former regime members Flash and Green Lantern, or they can side with Superman and Wonder Woman, who want to kill Brainiac and use his technology to restore Coast City and Metropolis.

Batman's Ending Explained

[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]

In Batman's ending, he slashes Superman with gold kryptonite, a special mineral that can drain superman's powers. As a full-on brawl breaks out, Wonder Woman grabs the gold kryptonite knife. Batman disables Aquaman and Black Adam, before hightailing it to the Batcave to enact his plan B.

Batman suits up in a set of kryptonite-laced battle armor and instructs Supergirl to lure Wonder Woman and Superman to the Batcave. When they arrive, Batman quickly disables Wonder Woman, then turns his attention to Superman, who has knocked out Supergirl in the meantime.

Batman beats down Superman and knocks him out cold. With Kara's help, he uses gold kryptonite rays to drain Superman's powers permanently, before banishing him to the phantom zone, an extra-planar Kryptonian prison reserved for the worst criminals of Krypton. Superman vows he will escape someday, and Batman tells him he'll be waiting.

Batman apologizes to Supergirl, saying that he couldn't save Superman. Kara laments that Superman's actions have lead people to fear the symbol of the house of El, instead of having it inspire hope. Batman tells Supergirl that the symbol means whatever the person wearing it wants, and invites her to join a new Justice League-style group, called the Circle of Trust.

This ending leaves it unclear as to what happens to Brainiac, and whether or not the cities of Metropolis and Coast City are restored. If this ending becomes canon, this could lead into a story for Injustice 3 which features Parallax, the fear entity that drove Hal Jordan mad in the wake of Coast City's destruction in the comics.

Superman's Ending Explained

[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive]

Superman's ending proceeds similarly to Batman's ending, although it also shows Superman breaking Green Lantern's fingers and possibly destroying his ring. As in the previous ending, Superman is lured to the Batcave, where Batman attempts to defeat him with a Kryptonite batsuit.

Supergirl tries to persuade Superman to change his mind, but he knocks her out and then beats down Batman. Wonder Woman approaches and questions why Superman hasn't killed Batman. Superman claims that Batman would die a martyr, and he needs him alive for what he's planning. Wonder Woman asks what they should do about Kara, and Superman assures her that she'll come around eventually.

We cut to the red sun prison cell from early in the game, where Supergirl is now being kept as a prisoner. Superman appears, clad in glowing purple armor. Supergirl says that Superman has fused himself with Brainiac's technology. Superman claims that Brainiac is dead and his technology is now under his control. He asks Supergirl to join his side, claiming that freeing the trapped cities on Brainiac's ship has given him a vast intergalactic army of aliens to command, and he wants Supergirl to help lead them.

Supergirl refuses, and Superman threatens that if she doesn't choose to join him, she'll be brought to his side by other means. A mind-controlled Batman is then revealed, his body taken over by Brainiac-derived technology. We cut to black. If this is considered the canon ending, then Injustice 3 will likely involve an intergalactic cosmic war, perhaps even inter-dimensional, as Superman decides to bring everything in existence under his tyrannical rule.

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