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We all loathe the long hours we spend at work. Occasional workplace socializing around the water cooler can help to pass the 9–5 grind. But when the big boss puts their foot down and demands you get back to your desk, there are other ways to force yourself to muddle through the office drudgery. Some people listen to podcasts or YouTube. But for us gamers, a great gaming soundtrack is what gives us that boost of energy needed to get the tedious job done. So here's a list of great game original soundtracks () you can listen to while procrastinating, pretending or pencil pushing.

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

This was one of the more underrated released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2. It was quickly overshadowed by the 2008 release of , but the OST of the former game boasted a variety of mellow tunes and upbeat tracks with few English verses that should not be overlooked. While the tracks utilize guitar and trumpet as the main instruments for the cheerful moments, it also includes music that teases the mind with the bleak mood of the game's Dark Hour.

2. Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus was initially released in 2006 on the and still to this day is considered one the best video games of all time. The action-adventure game's OST is definitely a standout and helps to create a certain atmosphere and set the game in motion and amplify how enormous the colossi are. The music creates an aural landscape that exemplifies the emptiness of the temples and the movement of the wind when discovering the land. It's the perfect score to accompany the isolation you experience while playing. Check out the moody trailer below.

3. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

One of the more popular choices from series, this classic was released in 1998 on the Nintendo 64. The OST utilizes the titular ancient Italian wind musical instrument the ocarina, but it isn't the only instrument used. From "Saria's Song" to the "Bolero of Fire," this game had a memorable tune for every in-game occurrence.

4. Metal Gear Solid

The Metal Gear franchise has rightfully been considered timeless since the release of in 1998 on the . What makes the OST so special is the upbeat techno touch that fits perfectly to the game theme. The majority of the tracks are buoyant, but some tunes take an unexpected turn into the more melancholic and haunting, in keeping with certain scenes from the game.

5. Beyond: Two Souls

Moving on to a newer game, released on the in 2013, Beyond: Two Souls is a dramatic interactive game that focuses more on the story rather than gameplay. The tracks of the OST mirror this vibe. Every tune adds depth to the character it accompanies, every string weeps personality, and that's what makes this OST so special. The music describes the supernatural element of the game as the melodies shift from eerie to bittersweet.

6. Infamous Second Son

And now we reach the era. Second Son is a vibrant, colorful, open-world action-adventure game released in 2014 as one the first games for that console. With that in mind, one would expect the OST to follow suit, but it doesn't. The tracks are surprisingly subtle and reflective. It could be said that it's similar to the music from Devil May Cry, but holding back the rush of guitar fury, which is perfect background noise to work with.

At the very least, these six soundtracks will tease your mind with great gaming moments that will make you even more eager to get home and play. What's your favorite video game OST?

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