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The day every Nintendo fan has been waiting for, the day that Nintendo re-enters the console wars has finally arrived. Nintendo just officially unveiled their newest system, the Nintendo Switch - and it looks absolutely amazing. With barely 12 hours notice, Nintendo dropped a preview of their newest console to hit the market, and the internet did what it does best: went to Twitter.

Now let be begin by saying that I grew up as a child of Nintendo. Nintendo was the reason that I fell in love with video games, and a big part of why I still love games to this day. Many gamers can probably attribute similar feelings because of Nintendo, so it's easy to see why the internet is going absolutely crazy for the Nintendo Switch.

Once you check Twitter, you're bound to see a few stories about the Nintendo Switch and they'll probably be similar to something like these.

And honestly, the Switch does look like it's exactly what the world needs, especially if you want to be invited to a rooftop party. But that's not the only thing that the internet saw as a positive note.

There is so much to love about what we saw in the trailer drop, and as we get closer and closer to the announced March release, I'm sure we will find more things to fall in love with about the Nintendo Switch.

What do you think? - Are you ready to make the Switch?


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