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As a precursor to the impending arrival of 's fourth episode, the masters of point-and-click adventures have released a teaser trailer that was big on bruises, big on torture and big on hinting that Bruce may finally be coming up against his greatest, and much loved, foe; .

After Telltale ended the third episode, 'New World Order', on a major cliffhanger—one I won't spoil for you—it seems as if Gotham's much loved son has earned himself a stint in the big house. A stint that will leave him considerably scarred in more ways than one. All thanks to a creepy, cackling man in fine slippers.

Watch the teaser trailer for Episode 4 of Batman: The Telltale Series:

But could the creepy, cackling man in fine slippers actually be the Joker? I mean, a tale wouldn't really be a Batman tale without the Joker. But saying that, with Telltale's prowess at subverting so much of what we've come to think of as untouchable lore (*cough* Thomas Wayne was a mobster *cough*), which kind of Joker will we be seeing?

Who Will Telltale Batman's Joker Be?

I think it's safe to assume that Bruce Wayne ends up in Arkham Asylum at the beginning of 'Guardian of Gotham', a place where you can imagine Telltale's Joker to have some major sway. With that in mind, I'd love this Joker to be a mobster of sorts, with goons ready to act out his every command.

That would put him in line with Jack Nicholson's portrayal in Tim Burton's first pop at Batman. A high functioning psychopath that has the smarts for organized crime, but also doesn't mind watching the world burn for his own entertainment.

But why has he been watching Bruce "for some time now?" What dastardly plans has Joker hidden up his purple sleeves? Could we begin to see some fantastical moral choices play out as both the Children of Arkham and the Joker tussle with Bruce's emotions, rendering him a rather handy pawn in a battle for the soul of Gotham City?

What do you think? What kind of Joker would you like to see in Telltale Batman?


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