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Gaming history was made on Friday night when president of Sony Interactive, Shuhei Yoshida, tweeted this:

The Last Guardian is the latest offering from Team Ico, the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed PS2 classic Ico (2001) and its successor Shadow of the Colossus (2005).

These titles both attracted heaps of praise for their haunting atmospheres, innovative gameplay mechanics, and beautiful environments. Given that fans have been waiting for nearly 10 years for the next game in the series, one could be forgiven for entertaining the pessimistic notion that the game would never be released, stuck in development hell forever. Finally, the long-awaited game is slated to release for PS4 on December 6, 2016.

The Last Guardian's story concerns a young boy who befriends a giant half-bird-half-mammal creature named Trico. The pair work together to evade guards that are after them both.

It seems that The Last Guardian will combine some of the strongest elements of the previous games, specifically the co-operation with an NPC which characterized Ico, and the interaction with massive creatures reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus. The conceptual selling point of the game is the emotional bond that's formed between the boy and Trico, and the animalistic nature of the huge beast. Trico isn't a cute pet, but a wild creature who is programmed to react unpredictably.

Check out the trailer below:

Delayed Gratification

Even if you haven't been looking forward to The Last Guardian, the fact that it's finally happening after such a long, troubled development period should give hope to people anticipating games in similar situations. Aside from The Last Guardian, here are the games that have been keep us in suspense the longest.

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 (8 years)
  • Half-Life Episode 3 (10 years)
  • Star Citizen (6 years)

Here's to hoping that one day they'll all go gold, too.


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