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Peeps, it's actually happening. The Last Guardian is not only alive and well, it's just been granted a release date; something this title has been struggling to obtain for almost a decade. And how have Sony revealed this to us? By handing us one of the most emotional trailers to come out of E3 2016. What a show.

The Last Guardian Out On PS4, October 25

For any fan of Team Ico's emotional Ico and supremely epic Shadow of the Colossus, this is undoubtedly an emotional experience. These two titles are rare gems in the history of the medium and Fumito Ueda's unique directorial vision is one gamers have been awaiting with bated breath since 2005. But it's all here, it's all in this trailer.

We have the young boy on a daring quest, a lovable companion, spectacular music and an evocative art style. The opening of the trailer shows us an enormous mound piercing the clouds; one that's reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus and the land that contained its beasts. But while that game's atmosphere was more morose and somber, The Last Guardian appears to blend the epic scale of SotC with the emotional beauty of Ico.

Ueda's Back: Let The Tears Flow

We see tears shed, hostile beasts much like our giant, feathered friend, puzzles to complete and enormous set pieces to experience. We have quite the journey ahead of us and we're somehow already emotionally invested in this world and its characters, especially after hearing the delivery of the line, "What's wrong? Are your wings broken?" Yep, and so are our hearts.

The Last Guardian will be out on PS4 on October 25. Can't wait.

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