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The Playstation Experience keynote this past weekend didn't pull any punches, delivering a seemingly endless train of trailers and announcements with The Last of Us Part II as its coup de grâce.

Fan favorite Ellie makes a return and it appears she's all grown up now. Grown up and pissed. The trailer frames this as a revenge story, and given players spent the duration of the original title protecting Ellie from harm, seeing her go on a rampage is sure to bring the feels. You know, as if Ellie playing Joel's guitar didn't do that already.

Fighting game fans were also in for a treat this PSX as numerous fighting game titles are on the way for the platform. Of all of them, though, confirmation of the much-rumored Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was the highlight. The over-the-top fighting franchise has been a mainstay of both consoles and arcades since 1996 when it was a simpler X-Men vs. Street Fighter but hasn't seen a new installment since 2011.

And though we thought the Uncharted franchise met its conclusion with A Thief's End, developer Naughty Dog showed up with a surprise addition: The Lost Legacy. Rather than Nathan Drake, The Lost Legacy will star Chloe Frazer, a character last seen in Uncharted 3. The Lost Legacy isn't technically DLC for Uncharted 4, though if you picked up the Uncharted season pass, it is included. Otherwise, The Lost Legacy is a standalone release.

While these are the titles that had people talking, the Playstation Experience had much more in store.

New Titles

The following titles were either newly announced at PSX or released brand new trailers for PS4, PS Vita, or PS VR.

  • Aaero A stylish indie rail shooter featuring a bangin' soundtrack.
  • Absolver Described as a martial-arts focused action role-playing game, Absolver is being developed by a team of former Ubisoft Paris employees.
  • Ace Combat 7 Another installment of the long-running dogfight flight sim.
  • Celeste An indie game about mountain climbing from acclaimed indie dev Matt Makes Games.
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony released its latest trailer.
  • Dino Frontier Coming soon to PS VR, Dino Frontier is a management sim that drops Jurassic Park into the wild west.

  • Dreadnought This sci-fi combat flight sim is currently in beta, but has been freshly announced for Playsation 4.
  • Fallen Legion is technically not a new title, having already made an appearance on the Playsation 4. However, Fallen Legion is releasing a new version of PS Vita which provices another perspective on the original story.
  • Hand of Fate 2 is a followup to the original RPG/card game hybrid.
  • Let It Die This free-to-play hack-and-slash was not only announced at PSX — it's already available for download.
  • Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero sim. Defend cities from alien invasion on Playstation 4 or PS VR.
  • Nex Machina is a slick shoot-em-up with dazzling visuals.

  • NieR: Automata The next installment of PlatinumGames's Nier franchise, this action RPG is... well, it's made by PlatinumGames. You know it's going to be fun.
  • Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom The latest installment of the Ni no Kuni franchise released its latest trailer and will be available sometime in 2017.
  • Omen of Sorrow This horror-themed fighting game pulls characters straight from myth and legend.
  • Pyre From Supergiant Games, developers of Bastion and Transistor, showed off the Versus mode of their new party-based RPG.

  • Starblood Arena is a sci-fi mech shooter currently in development for PS VR.
  • Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality brings Surgeon Simulator to PS VR
  • Vane Described as an atmospheric adventure, this game from Tokyo-based indie developer Friend & Foe will release in 2017.
  • Yonder is an exploratory "shared experience" in the vein of Journey.

Game Updates

While the following titles aren't new, they announced new, upcoming expansions or DLC.

  • Destiny's The Dawning winter event heralds the return of Sparrow racing
  • Gravity Rush 2 DLC adds Raven as a playable character
  • The King Of Fighters XIV is releasing a patch to update the game's visuals
  • Street Fighter 5 adds Akuma as a playable character


No gaming expo would be complete without a list of remakes or remasters and PSX didn't disappoint.

  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy The Crash Bandicoot franchise hasn't seen a proper new installment in nearly 20 years. Given the age of these games, Naughty Dog describes this as somewhere between a remaster and a remake. They aren't brand new from the ground up, but they aren't simply retextured, either.
  • PaRappa is a cult classic rhythm game finally making the leap to modern Playstation platforms.
  • Patapon Another classic rhythm game, Patpon first debuted on the Playstation Portable in 2007.

  • LocoRoco A platforming game wherein you play as the planet, rotating the controller to manipulate the gameworld is a central game mechanic. Yes, you play as the planet.
  • WipEout Omega Collection is a classic series of futuristic racing games.
  • Yakuza Kiwami is the first installment of the Japanese gangster franchise Yakuza.

New to PlayStation

Finally, PSX announced a number of favorites coming to Playstation and PS Vita. The list includes PC indie favorites, mobile titles gone console, and cult classic retro titles unseen since the Neo Geo.

  • EVE: Valkyrie is a VR dogfighting shooter set in the universe of EVE Online. First released for play on the Oculus Rift, it is now moving to PS VR.
  • The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition is the console releasing of the indie PC survival game.
  • Games of Glory is a MOBA/Shooter hybrid releasing in early 2017.
  • Garou: Mark Of The Wolves is another fighting game on PSX's long list of fighting game additions. This title was originally released in arcades in 1999 and on the Neo Geo in 2000.
  • Human: Fall Flat is an indie comedic puzzle game first released on PC.
  • Lara Croft Go This turn-based Tomb Raider puzzle game was originally released on mobile devices, now making the leap to Playstation 4 and Vita.
  • Move or Die is a multiplayer party game where you move... or you die. Pretty straightforward.
  • Mother Russia Bleeds is a retro arcade-style beat 'em up.
  • Orcs Must Die! This is the first installment of the Orcs Must Die! franchise which, at the time of its first release, was one of the most polished games in the Tower Defense genre, blending in a number of RPG elements.
  • Windjammers Yet another classic fighting game from the Neo Geo, Windjammers will be coming to both Playstation 4 and Vita.
  • Ys Origin is a Japanese RPG first released in 2006, but received its first English localization and release in 2012.

Are you excited for The Last of Us Part II? Did any other announcements get you hyped?


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