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announced today that rock legends The Misfits will be lending their talents to the soundtrack for the upcoming multiplayer horror game Friday the 13th.

The song "Friday the 13th" acts as a nostalgic tribute to one of the world's most iconic horror franchises. If you are looking to ramp up the anticipation, the song can be bought now on the band's website.

"The inclusion of this track is a dream come true for fans of the genre" said Ronnie Hobbs, Co-Creator of Friday the 13th: The Game." "Like many kids, The Misfits were a huge part of our childhood, so it's an honor to be working alongside those guys".

Jason gets more toys

An new gameplay video was also been revealed. It takes a first look at Jason Voorhees as portrayed in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI. This new J6 comes equipped with even more ways for you to slaughter those whimpering camp counselors.

Jason now comes equipped with deadly knives that can be thrown great distances, perfect for catching any fleeing counselors. Jason also seems to have some sort of new spear; that should be most entertaining for running through your victims or pinning them to trees.

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Genre: Survival, Horror

Release date: Early 2017

Developer: Gun Media

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