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Forget the Steam Sale; this is where you should be focusing your attention today.

Nier: Automata is the sequel to cult hit Nier, developed by Yoko Taro, the man in charge of the Drakengard games. It's also a distant sequel to one of the first Drakengard's multiple endings, although the connection is minimal. Even you haven't heard of Drakengard or Nier, there are a few reasons you should check out Automata.

1. New Developer With Great History

The sequel has a new pedigree when compared to the first game. It's being made by Platinum Games. That's right, the company that brought you Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, and The Wonderful 101 is behind 's sequel. Fun fact: Platinum Games is sort of the rebirth of Clover Studios, headed by the same man, Hideki Kamiya. Clover made fan favorites and Viewtiful Joe. I'm sure you recognize at least some of those names!

2. Fast-paced Responsive Combat

The combat is smooth, responsive, and fun to play. It also manages to look really cool, no matter what you're doing. If you've played Platinum's other titles, you know that well designed combat is one of their greatest strengths, and it is on full display here.

3. The Game Is Beautiful

The somewhat dystopian, futuristic setting is uniquely beautiful, despite being full of brown machinery and fog. You play as an android girl with a giant sword - Combat Android 2B, to be precise - who cuts up robots that look like they're straight out of a Miyazaki film. Sound ridiculous? It is, but it's also awesome.

The world manages to be appealing despite its muted colors.
The world manages to be appealing despite its muted colors.

4. The Score And Atmosphere Is Superb

The music, like the first game, is amazing, greatly adding to the atmosphere of the game. It has a mechanical beat to it that perfectly fits the futuristic setting, but also manages to underscore this with a determined, epic tone that fits the more fantastical aspect of the world that the game takes place in. Here are two of the game's battle tracks to give you an idea of what the game sounds like.

You can grab the demo for free right now on the Playstation Store.

While the first Nier is definitely worth playing, it's entirely possible to play Automata with no prior knowledge of the story. While the demo features 2B, the final release will feature multiple playable characters and story paths.

All gifs are courtesy of SunhiLegend of NeoGAF forums. Nier: Automata releases on February 23rd, 2017, for the .


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