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Can it be true that Battlefield 1 is the best FPS of the year? Let's answer that with a bold statement of what an amazing game this is, and yes, this is the definitive Call Of Duty killer. From it's graphics to gameplay, let's take a look at what makes Battlefield 1 the game of the year — so far.

Graphics And Visuals

In typical DICE style, the game's cutscenes look amazing, and only get better when playing the actual game itself. Battlefield 1 can single–handedly show what the current generation is capable of, with the mud flying in your face, your comrade's blood covering the fields, and the dying cries filling your ears all within the first 15 minutes of gameplay. You're immersed in what war must've felt like back then, when computers and technology didn't kill but the nearest thing to hand would determine survival.

The Sun Shines on a Wasteland 'Storm of Steel'
The Sun Shines on a Wasteland 'Storm of Steel'

Overall, the game's graphics stand out when compared to any other game. In traditional Battlefield style, everything is being blown up, from buildings to trees, but we have a great time discovering what could and couldn't be blown to pieces (which wasn't much). As fun as it was, the falling mechanics were lacking or didn't exist, and buildings would just topple over rather than crumble, with debris often falling and disappearing, rather than smashing into pieces on the way down. Having said that, it is still amazing to see everything explode around you instead of bullet holes that disappear (yes, Call Of Duty, I'm looking at you).

Battlefield 1 feels like the next generation of shooters has finally arrived, both graphically and mechanically. Watching the rounds of your gun disperse and the long (compared to modern weapons) reload animations completed with such finesse, it feels like this is finally one game that is complete and not a rushed or glitched mess. If this could be played on a VR platform, we would almost certainly have the game of the year right here.

There's not much stopping Bess and her goals in "Through Blood and Mud."
There's not much stopping Bess and her goals in "Through Blood and Mud."


Whilst not giving too much away, the first campaign mission is more of a tutorial on to destroy emplacements and repair tanks, etc. It teaches you the basics of multiplayer game modes and capturing points, learning choke points and which classes do what. However, this isn't the first mission.

There is a small part with a brilliant use of dialogue, which makes a statement about all those who fought in the war did so with valor and courage, and that everyone who fought was a human, not a killing machine. I said I wouldn't ruin it with spoilers, but I guarantee this opening will give you a newfound respect for those who fought. Battlefield has done us proud by doing something different, but also giving us what we wanted, which was a beautiful story to honor those who died in the war to end all wars.

The mission "Storm of Steel" is  reminder of the horrors of war.
The mission "Storm of Steel" is reminder of the horrors of war.

This makes for a real change, where you feel like your stepping into the boots of a character and that war isn't glorified, but rather a horrible mess. The guns, albeit powerful, are slow and clunky, making it a scramble when you've missed your last magazine's shot. It becomes a choice of, "do I reload or swap weapons?" or "do I hide behind cover or continue running forward?" The decisions you make count to the success of the mission, from going silently with a German silenced pistol, to driving a tank and saying hello to a brigade of soldiers minding their own business.

It's Not All Perfect Gameplay

For all the positives, there are some negatives. During the first mission of protecting Bess the tank, you feel like the enemy almost ignores you and allows you to get shots off. But does this detract from the impressiveness of what's been created? Well, only slightly, for all the small things, such as firing and the bullet not registering, or when you fire a cannon at a brick wall and it doesn't explode, none of this really matters until you stop and think about it. But if you are stopping to think, you sure as hell aren't playing this game right. From gas going off to mud flying up and blood covering the grass, you don't really have time to stop and stare at all its minor imperfections. In the end, they don't detract from what is an amazing campaign from the developers at DICE.

Your beloved Bess during the mission "Through Blood And Mud."
Your beloved Bess during the mission "Through Blood And Mud."


Finally, the moment most of you have been waiting for: the multiplayer. This didn't change much from playing at Euro Game Expo. It still felt fast without being frantic, and kills didn't seem unfair. The landscapes changed from being shot to pieces and tanks didn't run riot for long. This is what people play Battlefield games for. This is where most time will be spent, and we can't blame the developers. It's fun, it's engaging, it's easy to pick and play, unlike *cough* Call of Duty *cough*, which, after Black Ops 2, became an entirely ridiculous premise of robots, boost jumps and the kind of stuff you expect in Halo.

The visuals still carry over to multiplayer with little to no frame-rate issues.
The visuals still carry over to multiplayer with little to no frame-rate issues.

Even my partner could play Battlefield 1 to a good standard without feeling like she was target practice, which opens up the audience to a wide variety of gamers who could play this and enjoy it online. There will always be kills that don't make sense when they happen, however, that's just online gaming for you. The few rounds my partner and I played gave us no issues whatsoever, apart from being killed by a grenade flung into our homemade bunkers. I won't give too much away, but behemoths are game changers, so always look up and look out.

Should You Buy This?

Overall, Battlefield 1 is a force to be reckoned with. It has a captivating storyline, good solid multiplayer experience and is graphically superior to Battlefield 4. This game is ideal for those who aren't fans of space wars and looking for a change to the modern warfare that seems to be everywhere nowadays. Anyone could pick up and play Battlefield 1 (not that it's easy) as it has a forgiving learning curve and the ability to create cover and fire away. All in all, despite its foibles, this is probably going to be the best FPS of the year. Without a doubt Battlefield 1 beats anything Activision has done since Modern Warfare 2. For these reasons alone, Battlefield 1 is a must-have for any gamer's library.


Is Battlefield 1 the Call Of Duty Killer?


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