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YouTube is certainly doing its best to piss off their partners.

Although more gamers have been heading to Twitch recently, the reasons for the great migration hadn't been entirely clear, but after the latest gaffe by YouTube, one of the reasons is becoming quite evident:

Uh oh.

Recently there's been an odd phenomena among YouTubers: New videos are yielding fewer views, as well as increasingly large number of lost subscriptions without any traceable cause. Of course, losing subscriptions after uploads is certainly nothing new for YouTube or any video site—often a person would mean to unsubscribe regardless and a new video will just remind them to do it.

But this disappearance of subs is not in any way normal. Often YouTubers will lose subs immediately after uploading a video, and many subscribers complain of losing their subscriptions to specific channels despite wanting to remain subscribed.

WTF YouTube?

Hey YouTube, I've got something to say...
Hey YouTube, I've got something to say...

When YouTubers ask point-blank if there is an issue, YouTube insists everything is happening as intended and there is no issue. As a result, popular YouTubers have been up in arms about this phenomena and are not being quiet about YouTube's alleged dishonesty about both subscriber bug and how "Trending" content is curated.

Recently, the Trending tab in YouTube has been filled with a plethora of clearly promotional content, and this content has been on the low end of views, as seen in H3H3's video above. There's nothing wrong with YouTube creating strategic partnerships for profit—every company does this—but YouTubers are upset with the dishonesty about how videos are being curated, with YouTube defaulting to "activity" as the reason for the videos's promotion.

Completely on the other end of the spectrum, has been stepping its game up in 2016. Even though Twitch has a near-monopoly over live gaming content, they're looking to challenge YouTube for recorded content as well with its new upload feature that launched into beta in September.

Twitch also has an incredibly close relationship with their partners are are quick to quell and dissatisfaction among them, either with better communication, or features to ease their pain.

And they throw a pretty mean convention!
And they throw a pretty mean convention!

Of course not every popular YouTuber creates gaming content, for the ones that do, Twitch is becoming an increasingly popular option given the relationship it has with its partners, the frequency of feature rollouts, and better monetization methods.

YouTube is doing its part to try to win back gamers with YouTube Gaming, but this latest salvo is sure to be a huge blow to their credibility.


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Source: Kotaku


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