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There's good news for fans of The Sims. Microsoft has officially announced that The Sims 4 is getting a release on Xbox One, bringing the classic artificial life simulator back to consoles around the world.

The series has been missing from consoles since The Sims 3's debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, and its launch on the Nintendo DS in 2011. So bringing back The Sims 4 to Xbox is a pretty solid decision on EA's part. An Xbox release will allow fans without modern PCs to play the game if they already own an Xbox One. And for players that prefer gaming on a TV over a PC, The Sims 4's Xbox launch is an easy, straightforward way to jump into the world of The Sims.

There's a slight problem though. At the moment, it remains unclear if The Sims 4 will receive support for modding. Bethesda's Skyrim and Fallout 4 both feature modding downloads on Xbox One, expanding their lifetime for their console fans. And The Sims 4 has an enormous, bustling modding community with a wide range of mods to download that change up (and improve) the title's gameplay.

Modding is practically needed for the best Sims experience. It would be a huge disappointment to fans if The Sims 4 passed up on the opportunity for Xbox fans.

'The Sims 4' Will Have A Longer Lifetime With Mod Support

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Modding can bring new life to games, especially at the end of their lifetime. To this day, The Sims 3 fans love the game because it still has a live and active modding community that keeps the title pumped with tweaks, gameplay changes, and new content. There's no reason to stop playing The Sims 3 if the world around the game keeps growing.

There's lasting appeal for The Sims 4 for that reason, too. While the fourth installment in the series is still relatively new (the game is still a few months shy of its third birthday), there's already a ton of mods around for the game. Players can live in a castle. They can become sorcerers. They can let gay couples have kids. And they can change up the game's needs system, allowing players to have a more streamlined experience if Sims are driving them just a little too insane.

Those are all great things for The Sims 4. Mods let players curtail the game to their own personal preferences. Whether that means realistic gay relationships, or a huge family living inside a European castle, sites like Mod The Sims give players the resources they need to turn The Sims into a truly versatile life simulator.

But if The Sims 4 on Xbox won't support mods, then a huge portion of the game's community will be shut out from enjoying the title. Cutting out mods essentially forces players to play the game by EA's rules. And that isn't always fun. Sometimes, those rules are just unbalanced or unrealistic.

The Sims 4's hunger need, for instance, often forces Sims to get up in the middle of the night and eat food: which isn't exactly representative of most peoples' eating habits. Luckily, it's easy to mod that problem out. But it's going to remain an annoying one to solve if the Xbox One version of The Sims 4 turns its back on modding. Similarly, players that enjoy marrying gay Sims cannot expand their Sims' biological timelines without modding the game. That's perfectly fine for PC, but console players are stuck without mods.

Mods help expand The Sims 4. And if the game plans to succeed on Xbox One, then Microsoft and EA need to bring the entire Sims experience to the console: not just a watered-down, limited title.

The Sims 4 launches in November 2017 for Xbox One. Let's hope by then, EA brings mods over to the game's Xbox release. Otherwise, it will be hard to sell the game to hardcore Sims fans.

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