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There's a lot to love about the Sim world and its endless possibilities. Whether you're the kind of player that lives for the building or lives for the simming, there are hundreds of different things out there to help you play exactly the way that you want to. That being said, simming can get a bit dull. Once your Sims are happy and rich, it can be a bit difficult to figure out what do next. That's where we can help.

7 Challenges That Will Help You Spice Up Your Sims Life

While there are expansion and stuff packs that add content and activities over time, has seen very little change on the gameplay front as EA has continuously opted to release stuff packs over expansions. For this reason, many players have found the solution to the lull in the modding community.

Modding the game adds everything from new interactions to new items, and meshes can make the game feel completely fresh again. Not every mod, however, is technical in nature. The mod community also generates a wealth of "challenges" for Simmers looking for a way to step up their gameplay. Challenges are essentially custom runs that are meant to add goals—and sometimes even a point structure—to your routine. Here are some of the most interesting runs in the bunch:

The Sims 4: University Challenge

Sims 4 "dorm" created by Simkea. [Credit: Simkea]
Sims 4 "dorm" created by Simkea. [Credit: Simkea]

The Sims 2 had a wealth of awesome expansion packs, one of them being a college themed expansion that let you send your Young Adult sims to a Sim University of your choice. They had the opportunity to study and earn majors that would enhance their skills so that they could go on to have fulfilling careers. Of course, The Sims 4 has no such expansion. However, one brilliant Simmer has developed a challenge that facilitates the recreation of some of the things we loved most about The Sims 2: University.

Here are some of the parameters for this challenge:

  • Create a Sim (Young Adult or Older) and move them into a "dorm" with only 1,000 in funds.
  • Create a community lot for classes and have your Sim attend every day.
  • While "in class" they will complete the list of tasks documented for the major of their choosing.
  • The points that you acquire determine the grade that your Sim receives.

More details about this challenge can be found here.

The Sims 4: 100 Baby Challenge

This challenge, known as the "Raising Kids" challenge, is all about the babies, and it's a little bit scandalous. The goal? Have 100 babies in as few generations as possible. You should have as many fathers as possible and you can't use any cheats. With mods, you can probably play a gender neutral version of this challenge if you're so inclined.

Here are some of the parameters for this challenge:

  • Your "Founding" Sim can only leave the house to complete opportunities to meet men, and she can't have a job.
  • Infants can be aged up immediately and the teens are allowed to get jobs, but children and teens can only be aged up if they get an A in school.
  • The last girl born from the Founder has to continue the challenge once the Founder becomes an elder. Essentially, the founder's youngest daughter takes over when the founder is too old to have babies.
  • If you don't give birth to another girl, you fail the challenge.
  • Once you've had a child with a Sim, you cannot use them again for another.

More details about this challenge can be found here.

The Black Widow Challenge

A Black Widow Sim named Morticia. Noice! [Credit: veiledstar]
A Black Widow Sim named Morticia. Noice! [Credit: veiledstar]

This challenge is one that can technically be played on any Sim game from The Sims 2 and on. The premise is fairly simple: Create a female Sim that kills all of her husbands shortly after marrying them.

Here are some of the parameters for this challenge:

  • No money cheats are allowed (marry for money?) and no full-time job.
  • After marrying your love interest, you have to move him into your house and get caught cheating.
  • After getting caught, kill off your husband and marry the new guy.
  • Repeat until you have 10 graves or more and keep all of the graves on your lot.


More details about this challenge can be found here.

The Sims 3: Mafia Challenge


This is a "Legacy" challenge that was adapted from the card game called—you guessed it—Mafia. You can play from either the mafia's or sheriff's side, and the parameters will vary a bit depending on which you choose.

Here are some of the parameters for the Mafia side of this challenge:

  • The challenge starts with a single Young Adult Sim and that Sim must have a criminal-type aspiration.
  • The Founder will begin the criminal career track and whoever they marry will also have to do the same.
  • When the children are old enough, they should be married off and the new spouses must take on their name. All spouses that marry into the family must change to or join the criminal career track.
  • The win conditions are: own all venues, have everyone in the town take on your name and live to retire from the criminal career track.

More details about this challenge can be found here.

The Sims 3: Zombie Apocalypse

'The Sims 3' [Credit: EA Games]
'The Sims 3' [Credit: EA Games]

This hyper-realistic Zombie Apocalypse challenge is meant to create the most straightforward version of life after zombies in the Sims universe. It includes restrictions on furniture and also requires a few mods which are, thankfully, fairly easy to apply in The Sims 3. The challenge objective is to return things to normal for your Sim by keeping them alive and improving their lives in the process. Ideally the town will be freed of zombies and successfully repopulated by the end.

Here are some of the parameters for this challenge:

  • There is no water supply so you cannot use your bathtub, toilet or sink unless your Sims actually go and get it from the nearest river once a week.
  • Every night, you steal 3 objects from other lots—this is scavenging.
  • You also have to roll a dice for Zombie Attack events and Fight events.
  • Depending on your Sim's Inventing Skill, you may or may not be able to build objects, have electricity or even produce running water.

More details about this challenge can be found here.

The Sims 2: Celebrity Chef Challenge

'The Sims 2' [Credit: EA Games]
'The Sims 2' [Credit: EA Games]

This challenge, which requires The Sims 2: Freetime, is perfect for food Simmers. It's super simple and pretty painless to set up. There is only one condition for winning—your Sim has to win 40 food contests.

Here are some of the parameters for this challenge:

  • Your Sim can't have a job, all money must be made by winning challenges.
  • You can move into any house but it must have the dinkiest kitchen possible.
  • You can upgrade your kitchen as your Sim wins contests, but the upgrades have to be very basic.

More details about this challenge can be found here.

The Sims 2: Tiny Challenges For Boring Moments

'The Sims 2' [Credit: EA Games]
'The Sims 2' [Credit: EA Games]

For those of you that don't have the patience for a full challenge—or the lenience within you to wreak a little havoc in your Sim's perfect world—there are mini-challenges that let you surrender to chance and change things on a smaller scale.

Here are some examples:

  • Roll a 3: You have to kill a Sim and keep their grave on the lot.
  • Roll a 1: Two related Sims in your household have to become enemies. If you don't have relatives, you have to become enemies with your best friend.
  • Roll a 5: One of the children in your household must become the ultimate brat. They will stop doing their homework, sneak out, be mean to siblings and make everyone miserable. Roll the dice to determine whether or not therapy successfully changes their behavior.

More ridiculous roll parameters can be found here.

If you can believe it, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more challenges that can be found across the internet and there are even Let's Play's for the more popular ones, just in case you're on the fence. Throw mods into the mix and you will never run out things to do when playing The Sims again.

Which mods are you thinking of trying out? Are you thinking of designing a challenge of your own?


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