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Video games were introduced to our lives as a way of escaping from the real world. They provided a fantasy land where we could forget about what is going on around us and follow the stories created in a virtual reality. If we died, we could just start again and figure out what to do in the situation at hand. More than anything, they were designed to be fun!

The fun came with the challenges the games offered, they gave the user an elevated sense of joy and achievement when they completed a challenge, but some games left us feeling somewhat annoyed. The whole game was never at fault, in fact every game in this list is rather fantastic, but there were certain stages of each game that caused a massive level of frustration and annoyance. Games were quit, consoles were switched off and controllers put their lives on the line when these levels were played, now let us see which were the most frustrating of them all. (This list may induce some suppressed angry memories, just to warn you)

10. The Blood Trails - 'Max Payne'

Rockstar's Max Payne showed up as an early title which revolutionized the PS2 and what action games could produce. At the time, it had revolutionary game physics and elements such as "bullet time" that made the game one of the most popular titles that was ever produced for the PS2.

But one level in particular made players cry out in continual frustration, The Blood Trials. The level was set inside Max's brain, a dream he could not escape from and one the user had to play out. Max was continually haunted by the death of his child and to show this, the player had to run across a pitch black series of corridors which were only illuminated by a small blood trail across the floor.

Tough already isn't it?

Well this small and dimly lit trail was made even more annoying by the fact that if you took one small step out of line you would instantly fall to your death. These levels would carry on for a lifetime whilst you tried to figure out the correct path, AND whilst you were being accompanied by the sound of a baby crying which is enough to drive any person insane, let alone someone who is already as annoyed as the player.

This game was a true masterpiece, but this level was enough to threaten every PS2 with defenestration.

9. Slippery Climb - 'Crash Bandicoot'

Whoever designed this level was a monster! Let us remember that Crash Bandicoot was a game that was designed to be played by people of all ages. If any child could complete this, they should get a medal for video gaming excellence. We can let the game physics off as it was a very early video game title, but things like the camera work and the overall level speed made this all the more frustrating.

It was often the case that the camera simply could not keep up with Crash as he was flipping his way between various platforms or jumping off large birds to reach the next area. Slide too close to the edge and you would not be able to recover, resulting in falling to your death.

The most annoying thing of all? You had to do all this with only one checkpoint! I mean the game was hard enough with the finite number of lives you were granted, but this level really tested the players patience. Let's hope it's fixed in the remake!

8. Rainbow Road - 'Mario Kart 64'

Almost everyone played Mario Kart 64 and anyone who has played it will know the anguish of Rainbow Road.

Although it looked amazingly pretty, the level presented many twisting and winding paths of frustration which could punish you for the slightest mistake. It was fast paced and had a very low line of visibility. This was partnered with the small factor of all your opponents throwing a varying range of weapons in your direction.

You will no doubt hear the simultaneous groan when this track pops up on your game. It's a beautifully made level, but will punish you harshly and more than likely lead to a falling out between you and your friends.

7.Gym Leader Whitney - 'Pokemon Gold / Silver'

Pokemon Gold / Silver decided to test their players patience early on in the game with this rather difficult gym leader battle. What made it so annoying was Miltank's ability to use rollout at will, which always seemed to deal a horrendous amount of damage to the player. Whitney also deploys a Clefairy, which is insanely overpowered and a Pokemon you would never suspect to be so annoying to defeat.

The rollout move seems to defeat monsters that are vastly superior to Miltank, which is very frustrating and made little sense. Why is this cow so powerful? If the fight wasn't already hard enough and you managed to avoid the imminent rollout death, when Miltank reached low health, it would drink some milk and build it back up again!

6. Ornstein And Smough - 'Dark Souls'

This pesky duo ruined our lives for months on end. We all know Dark Souls was a game that was designed to test us, but this boss fight really seemed to take it that extra step further. Throughout the game, Dark Souls set out to punish you for your slightest mistake. Levels such as Blight town seemed set to make your life a misery, but it was Ornstein And Smough that decided to take it to the next level.

It was the same as any boss battle, only now you had two ferocious enemies to face instead of one. Ornstein came at you with speed and lightning based attacks whereas Smough had the power and range with his huge hammer attacks that chunk off a bunch of health in a single hit. The joy of defeating one of the bosses is short lived as you soon realize that you still have to defeat the other in order to win the battle.

In a seemingly unforgivable game, this battle seems to really test your patience. You have one chance to defeat them both or you have to start the battle all over gain. It is unforgiving and cruel, but that is Dark Souls for you.

5. Supply Lines - 'GTA San Andreas'

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas will often find its place amongst most peoples' top ten games of all time. But that doesn't mean it came without its frustratingly difficult levels. As advanced as the game was at the time, there will still some missions which caused us to squeeze our controllers that bit harder out of frustration - Supply Lines the most.

The RC helicopter has always caused frustration during missions, probably due to the fact it's so damn difficult to control and was rather unforgiving when you hit any sort of object. The fuel played a strong role in the annoyance level of this mission as well. It depleted far too quickly so your movements had to be swift and calculated.

It took many attempts to complete this mission and your controller always came very close to being launched out of a nearby window. Oh San Andreas never change.

4. Climbing The Spiked Column - 'God Of War'

God Of War is a game that is well known for its hellacious pace and bloody battles. Quite often you will find yourself surrounded by the demons of the underworld and you would have to fight for your life to survive. However the escape from the underworld saw you face your most annoying enemy yet, a spiked climbing wall.

We know, it does not sound that bad, but trust us when we say it became one of the most annoying levels in video game history. Hit one spike accidentally and you would be sent all the way back to the bottom to try again.

It was unforgiving and the horrendous camera angles certainly did not help the process. Try this at your own risk.

3. Tailing The Resistance - 'Metal Gear Solid 4'

Stealth missions are always very hit and miss with video games, Metal Gear Solid has always been a franchise that seems to nail them, but this level was a miss.

For this mission you were told to keep track of a resistance agent by following him through a town that is littered with enemy patrols and soldiers. The mix of stop and start gameplay and eliminating the soldiers is increasingly frustrating.

The gameplay was annoying and the agent was smooth in his escape. It was almost impossible to keep up with him at times and the guards caused quite the wall of resistance. It was a blotch on what was an amazing game.

2. Mike Tyson - 'Mike Tyson's Punch Out'

Mike Tyson's Punch Out was a classic title that was loved by anyone who played it. With its fairly simplistic approach to the art of boxing it was an easily accessible title for people to pick up and play. That was, until, they reached the final boss, Mike Tyson himself.

The final match was a maze of dodging and combo moves. Mike's uppercut would mean instant death and you'd have to perfect your dodge and punch combination to be able to take him down. You'd have to survive for a very long time without being hit back, which was virtually impossible.

A timeless classic on display here with a very frustrating ending.

1. 'Through The Fire And Flames' - 'Guitar Hero 3'

Guitar Hero was a revolutionary game which gave you, the player, the chance to become a rockstar. The songs were great and it felt realistic, but at points too realistic.

Through the fire and flames proved to be one of the most frustrating songs of all time to complete with 100%. The notes came at you fast and viciously. They would make your fingers work quicker than they ever have before and the challenge was ridiculous.

Guitar Hero challenged you to a suitable level, but Through the Fire and Flames just was overly frustrating and was nearly impossible to complete.

Are there any other games you feel were more frustrating? Let us know in the comments!


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