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In the game , you are a simple guy looking to get out of the strange place you woke up in. Everything is a bit weird — you can’t remember how you got here, you were quite drunk, and everything is blurry. The room you are in is clearly not your own, yet no one else seems to be there either. Unsure of what to do, you start to get out of bed. The only saving grace is a well-spoken narrator, guiding you and informing you on what is going on around you.

This narrator is very helpful at first, letting you know that you are actually dehydrated and in need of water, instead of just being hungover like you thought you might be. So far he has guided you to get out of bed and look around, so surely he will be helpful in this task… or so you thought. Now, suddenly, he is making things difficult by giving you a time limit on finding the water and constantly questioning you while you are looking for something to drink, not allowing you to move while you choose answers to his questions. This made me think that maybe this narrator isn’t so pleasant after all.

However, this voice has control over far more than you do. At first, he suggests different things that you must do — like wear shoes. When you leave the apartment without your shoes he suggests you go get them. If you ignore him, perhaps out of your anger for how stressful he made the simple task of getting water, he punishes you.

Yes! That's right! He is now punishing the possibly kidnapped person who nearly died because of him, simply for not wearing shoes. The punishments do not stop you from playing the game, but instead make the game more annoying to play. Not having shoes makes you move slower, so you can press on being strong headed, but it will cost you your time.

This continues as the narrator gives you more commands, like not answering the phone. If you do what I did and answer the ring, you will find him on the other line and he will be forced to punish you again, this time by taking away sound effects. Sometimes these punishments permeate into other parts of the game, affecting how you play in the future. Now you are barred from enjoying places that you can get to in the game, as you cannot hear the sound that defines it.

The narrator does become increasingly crafty in his methods, and instead of letting you know that you can ignore him, he describes how stupid you would be to not do a task, then goes overboard on telling you how well you follow commands — almost taunting you with the fact that you now obey him again. This devious guy really wants to control what you are doing. He probably isn't to be trusted after all.

The Unique Adventure’s narrator is a very interesting character, but so far in the demo I am very unsure on whether I should trust him. On the one hand, I dislike not having sound, moving slowly, and generally losing stuff in the game. On the other hand, he is a very strange character who just doesn’t seem to have my best interests in mind. In my opinion, this narrator is key in the ‘unique’ aspect of The Unique Adventure game, as he is somewhat of a curiosity, shrouded in mystery, but nevertheless pouring out comedic lines and instructions.

You can decide if you trust this guy and follow his commands yourself, or you can ignore him and see what happens. If you like the demo of the game, consider supporting it on Kickstarter!


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