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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

AMC's is back on our screens, but with Season 7 subjecting us to so many torturously emotional moments, it's making me shout at my TV in desperation, wishing I could jump in to help thin the undead ranks. For now, I'll have to stick to to quell that interactive urge.

Fortunately, developers Raw Thrills & Play Mechanix—the same companies that brought you arcade classics based on and —have a brand new game cabinet, boasting a crossbow controler Daryl would be proud of.

The Waking Dead Arcade Cabinet Comes to Life

According to a recent flyer promoting the cabinet, the arcade game will feature:

  • Rear door attraction feature with life-seized walker
  • Environmental cabinet with bench seating
  • Interior lighting that follows the action on screen
  • Thrill-D sound system

But the most exciting part has to be the crossbow controllers, which function as your lightgun equivalent in this House of the Dead inspired shooter. But enough talking, more zombie killing...

Nail gun your way to victory

Or opt for brutal bamboo stick takedowns

And when all else fails, dropkicking zombies in the face does the job

Watch the gory trailer for The Walking Dead arcade game below:

The Walking Dead arcade machine will be released in January 2017.

Bows at the ready!


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