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is a very challenging survival game that takes place in the snowy forests of Alaska. This game is currently in Early Access, so much is changing and being added to the game, though in it’s current state it is fully playable. The Wild Eight will challenge you immensely. It is a survival game, so naturally you have to do that — attempting to survive in the harsh, cold, forest after your plane has crashed. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you stay alive.

Take advantage of the plane

When you start the game, you start off adjacent to the wreckage from the plane you crashed in. There are a lot of supplies around this plane — medical kits, canned food and so on to start you off. These supplies are crucial to the start of the game as it affords you a short period of time where you don’t have to worry about finding food, or worry about your health right at the start. This gives you more time to explore slightly and start crafting things that will make long term survival easier. Along with supplies, I would advise staying close to the plane. This plane is on fire, but don’t be afraid of it. You can stay warm by the glowing wreckage and wolves will not come near the light. You will die a lot in this game, so stowing some items by the plane in a chest will help you restart. You will always respawn at your plane — all of your buildings, skills, and items will be gone, except for things stowed in chests! Your chests can help you have a better start for your next attempt!

Animals and food

There are many different animals in this game, which will need to be hunted for food. It is worth noting that in this game the footprints will appear in the snow. This means you can track the animals by their footprints! Rabbits are a safe bet, but you will need to create rabbit traps — which can only be crafted at a level 2 or higher workshop. Then all that's left is to arm them near some rabbits, and check back to see if you have caught anything. Deer and boars are quite easy to hunt, where as wolves have a considerably higher likelihood of harming you.

You can also go the route of gathering food to keep yourself fed. Wild mushrooms and berries can be found around the environment, which you can cook to recover the most amount of hunger from them. I would say cook everything you eat (especially things that would otherwise be poisonous) so that you can get the most out of it as well as warm up!

Working on gaining a more sustainable food source is a high priority, as the animals will not be around forever and there is a limited amount of resources to gather. They don’t exactly just respawn overnight in this game. You also have to be careful of overeating however,, as you will suffer the effects of gluttony! Aside from this, it is inefficient and very wasteful of what little supplies you have!

Arm Yourself

Definitely build build basic tools (stone axes and pickaxes) as soon as you possibly can — not only can you fight more effectively, but also you can gather resources at a faster pace. Tools, like all items in the game have a durability, but it’s absolutely worth using them. Your fists won’t do much damage, or gather resources quickly, so having these extra tools is extremely helpful. You can also create throwing rocks! These throwing rocks are deceptively useful and can be thrown at enemies to stun them — you could run away, get close enough to finish them off if they are close to death and fleeing, or just as a way of fighting tougher enemies.

Once you upgrade to workshop level 2, you gain the ability to craft basic armor for protection against not only danger but also the freezing elements. Notably, the shoes give a movement speed increase, while the armor itself protects from physical damage. However both provide cold resistance. Having these items equipped might be the difference between survival and death!

Take your time

You should take all of the time you need to prepare before facing off against harder enemies. It is predominantly about keeping yourself alive until you start to explore and find more challenging foes. You can just wait — biding time and surviving off of what you can scrape together until you are confident enough to take on a new level of difficulty. Note though, staying in one place forever is inadvisable, particularly past day 4 when you have little food remaining in the vicinity of your spawn. When you do decide to travel, make sure to take your workshop and necessary items with you.

Play with friends

Why would you only have one brilliant mind when you can have several? The Wild Eight has a multiplayer option, so you can game with your friends. You can use the different character perks to make a well balanced survival group.

Together, you all can take on the wolves, gather resources, or explore together. Alternatively, you can divide the tasks and conquer the world to attempt to last longer. One of your friends can also bring you back to life, but only if they have a defibrillator! If you have a friend that is familiar with the game, it might be worth joining up with them to learn about the game and better your chances of survival.

Good luck on your adventure! Try not to be discouraged by death — it is the inevitable.


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