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Any excuse to talk about Dark Souls. Any excuse.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine has barely been out a day and already players are discovering its dark and beautiful secrets. But before we jump into that, it's time to drop some well deserved praise:


So, if you've been playing Blood and Wine at an abnormal pace (or for an insane amount of hours) you can stumble across a little easter egg close to the conclusion of the DLC that excessively nods at the work of FromSoftware.

That's not the easter egg, but my god do I wish it was.

A small bridge leads to a moss covered castle and a bog light dances in the air. Let the small little flame guide thee and you'll hop down beneath said bridge and inside a little cave, there you'll uncover a familiar sight to those who've had their asses handed to them by many a demon.

A small combustible bonfire lies in the darkness and a nice new sword buried in the ash. The sword is called Gesheft and is quite the beast of a blade with plus-20% sign intensity, three rune slots and up to 627 damage unaltered. I wish Dark Souls were this friendly!

If you wish to check out the easter egg take your time to enjoy RabidRetrospectGames's video on the nice little homage:

Which is better: Dark Souls or The Witcher 3?

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