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So far, little is known about The Witcher movie, set for release in 2017. But we do know that the adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels and short stories is currently in the works courtesy of the Sean Daniel Company, the same studio that's bringing you The Mummy reboot and who brought you 2016's Ben-Hur. SDC will be working alongside Poland's Platige Films.

These entities are banding together to bring the world of to life, and this film will mark an introduction to the series. As such, the big-screen adaptation will borrow elements of the short stories from The Last Wish short story collection, an anthology that perfectly encapsulates the political, social and technological age in which the fantasy action occurs.

The film currently has Polish director Tomasz Bagiński steering the helm, with Thania St. John — who's penned episodes of Grimm, Chicago Fire and Buffy the Vampire Slayer — on board as scriptwriter.

As for the producer of the games, CD Projekt Red is busy with its coming title Cyberpunk 2077 and so will have no part in the theatrical adaptation of The Witcher.

The Continent

The Northern Kingdoms — most of the action in the books and games happens there.
The Northern Kingdoms — most of the action in the books and games happens there.

If you're unfamiliar with the world The Witcher is set in, simply called the Continent, then try to imagine a European medieval era filled with racism, sex, drugs and war. On top of that, add magic and monsters based on Polish folklore and Slavic mythology, with clothes, accents and architecture borrowed heavily from that period. Certainly, this is an era that will translate exceptionally well to the silver screen.

In terms of the backstory, Witchers are people tasked with slaying monsters — a nice touch of The CW's Supernatural. Witchers are requested by townspeople to hunt beasts who dwell in their villages, cities and surrounding forests. It is up to the Witcher to investigate what kind of monster it is and how they will exterminate it. Witchers commonly use hand signs as a form of magic, potions to enhance their senses, and two swords — one of steel and one of silver — so I'm expecting to see flashy action scenes involving both monsters and humans.

Movie Will Continue As A TV Series!

The movie will be the jumping-off point for a television series, which makes a lot of sense, considering how in depth and abundant the stories within the franchise are. There are so many tales in which the main character plays a part, hence introducing The Witcher with a big movie and then continuing the stories with TV episodes sounds like a good plan.

If the film doesn't raise the stakes too high and if a large chunk of it focuses on the elements and backstory of being a Witcher, then it has the potential to be a great series. I'm hoping to see on-screen investment in the character Geralt as he chases clues and interrogates people.

Of course, we also want to see the fantastical environment that surrounds the world of the Witcher. Villages, castles, forests and so on. If the movie nails this aesthetic, I believe it will be a success for the casual viewer and a nerdgasm for fans!

Geralt analyzes what's left of a body.
Geralt analyzes what's left of a body.

Expectations are already rising for the cinematic rendering of this beautiful yet cruel world. If you've only played the games, then you're already aware that there is a lot to see before we reach Kaer Morhen.

Also, there are so many possibilities for the cast, but mainly I just want to know who will play Geralt and what kind of approach the producers will take with the character. Will he be punitive? Will he strive for justice and for what is fair? Or will he simply stay on his Witcher path? I can't wait to get our first sneak peek!

The Witcher will hit cinema screens in 2017. What do you hope to see in the cinematic adaptation? Sound off in the comments below.

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