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Do you remember Nemesis, that terrifyingly huge and fiendishly intelligent super zombie that chased you all across town in Resident Evil 3? I do. And the feeling of helplessness you felt when facing it still gives me the shivers to this day.

With the release of a new gameplay trailer it seems Capcom wants to capitalize on the hopeless feeling of facing overpowered undead beings once again. But in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard we aren't facing a behemoth of a zombie with tentacles everywhere, but a mutated, backwoods family in a Mississippi bayou. It has the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre written all over it, and it's horrifying.

Resident Evil 7 Is A Slow Burning Horror Game

Three bullets to the head? Redneck zombie Jack doesn't give a fuck. Breaking away from its action-focused predecessor Resident Evil 6, RE7 is slower paced and not nearly as combat-focused. We're no longer playing as a trained cop, but as Ethan — an average guy just trying to find his wife in a really messed up world.

And apparently Ethan is doing a pretty bad job at that. At least, we find ourselves trapped in the creepy, old mansion of the insane Louisiana family, which consists of—as far as we know—the indestructible father Jack and the mother Marguerite, who by the way is able to conjure face-eating flies. Their sweet children are still unnamed.

Somewhere along the way Ethan is able to pick up handguns, shotguns and even a McGyver-style flamethrower to hold back the Adams family and the zombie-like creatures we'll inevitably be facing. Later in the game you'll be able to upgrade these weapons and your character, according to the developers.

This seems like a fitting direction to take the Resident Evil-series as it opens up for some very immersive and truly traumatizing VR-experiences in the near future. We're not quite sure if our minds would be able to cope with the horrors of facing Jack and Marguerite in virtual reality, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Until you start damaging your mental health that is.

How do you think the new Resident Evil game looks? Are Jack and Marguerite getting under your skin as well?


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