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"There is no game"

These four words are the beginning of this adventure. A little point & click game I made alone in june 2015 for the Construct Deception Jam. The rules were simple: use 'construct2 engine' and make a game with the theme 'Deception'.

(You can try the jam game HERE)

We had 1 month to do it. This is the kind of timing I like because 48hours Jam is not for me. I'm too old for that sh**. I have a child, a lot of stuff to manage with and I have a terrible disease called 'procrastination'. (Google it if you don't know what it is. You will probably come across sofa pictures or a bureaucrat with a banjo.)

So the theme was 'Deception'. Here came the first obstacle. I'm french, and in our language, we have the exact same word but it means 'disappointment'. Yes, I brainstormed 15 days with the wrong meaning! Hopefully I've found a forum question that helped me going on the right road.

15 days left. 'Deception' means fake, lie, Neo in the matrix, things like that. So I quickly got the idea about :"What if the game is a lie itself? What about the title 'There is no game'? And it was the start point of the game. A title. Just a title.

As a huge fan of the game and british humor of 'The Stanley parable', I added a voice to the program in order to interact in a funny way with the player. Then, as the program wants you to NOT touch anything and just quit the game, I had to use reverse psychology to give objectives and hints. Say 'Do not open that door at any cost!' to a child and he will. (That is why I love videogames. It brings back to us our heart of child.)

The way I designed the different puzzles was sequential : I found a situation, coded it, tested it and I had no idea what would come next. I didn't even know about the goat, the glitch and all of that at the beginning. And, in the end, I have to admit I'm quite happy about the global coherence of the game. (Yes, it is coherent, its nonsense.)

I made that little game without any pressure, any commercial intention, nothing. Just for fun! And for the jam prizes of course... (a business license for Construct2 and a Xbox One). But just as often, when you have no expectations, something unexpected happens.

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