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Titanfall 2 has become a solid, critic-darling successor to the sometimes misunderstood original mechanized-combat shooting game for PC and consoles. When Titanfall originally released, it was toted as the Call of Duty killer; while it was a great game, it fell short of taking down the biggest shooter franchises.

Titanfall 2 has instead been a well-received hit compared to its lukewarm first game, and for a moment it looked as though the franchise had only the sky to shoot for. Enter the Hearthstone-esq Titanfall: Frontline.

Not everyone knows this, but Titanfall developer Respawn had announced a multi-game, multi-year deal with Nexon to transition the elements of Titanfall games to mobile devices. That announcement was back in 2015, and shortly after development began on Titanfall: Frontline.

The Game Soft Launched in September 2016, Right Under Our Noses

Titanfall: Frontline was set to cast the player as a commander, much like Sarah in the original game. The player would be responsible for putting together teams of pilots and titans who would then jump into PVP battles with a turn-based combat system.

It looks pretty great in the preview video, and there are some noticeable similarities to Hearthstone and other mobile card battlers.

Just Another Hearthstone Knockoff?

The idea was that it would be competition for Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls: Legends, as the latest entry to the major console game to transition to card-based mobile game. Titanfall: Frontline had already entered the closed Beta testing before Particle City went to Facebook with the following announcement:

It is our goal to create the best Titanfall mobile games that showcase the fast-paced action, mobility and, of course, the power of Titans in this iconic series. We’ve learned an incredible amount in the beta test of Titanfall: Frontline, but in the end felt the experience wasn’t ready to deliver the intense action-packed gameplay synonymous with Titanfall.

The game had already received over 800 reviews on the Google Play Store and had a slightly above average rating of 3.5/5 so it was surprising to many to hear that the title was being cancelled so abruptly. Paradise City has set a final play date of January 20th, 2017 when the servers will go offline completely.

So, What Now?

As I noted earlier, is committed to delivering Titanfall content onto mobile devices, and the good news is that Paradise City has promised that they learned a great deal about Titanfall and believe that they can take some of the concepts and build off of them in the upcoming Titanfall mobile games.

It will be interesting to see where the developer goes with the Titanfall games, and only time will tell.

Source: Facebook | TouchArcade


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