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Blizzard is known for tossing in Easter Eggs a-plenty to its games, and the latest expansion, Legion, has been no exception. One such Easter Egg happens to be a reference to an old Homestar Runner — remember him? — short.

And depending on your sense of humor and likeness to Strong Bad, you'll either find it immediately tear-inducing or hilarious in the darkest of ways.

Where Is This Easter Egg?

Thankfully, this isn't one of those go-out-of-your-way references that only the most adventurous of explorers could find. In fact, the reference is right in Dalaran! If you head to the right of the Violet Citadel, you'll notice a path leading to a broken area of Dalaran's exterior. Follow this and you'll wind up in the pet battle area.

However, if you stop just before the crumbled wall, you'll notice a mini-cemetery off to the right. If you mouse over the tombstone in the very back, you'll discover it has some mouseover text. What does this text say?

"Rest in peace, Li'l Brudder, Heart of a champion"

Wait, What Does That Mean?

It's okay if you didn't immediately recognize that reference — Li'l Brother wasn't used to being recognized either. However, the above video should provide enough of a refresher for you.

If you can't watch, the gist is this:

  • Li'l Brudder is a one-legged puppy Strong Bad uses to make everyone cry.
  • Li'l Brudder thinks he's going to be a quarterback one day and throw 2,000 yards.
  • He can make it on his own.

That's right, this little pup may have the odds stacked against him, but he's not gonna give up! At least not in the Homestar Runner shorts. Blizzard seems to have envisioned a different future for Li'l Brudder.

Wait, So That Means...

Yup. The implication here is that Li'l Brudder could not, in fact, make it on his own. Perhaps his close proximity to the pet battle area means he fought valiantly and died protecting his best pal from certain doom. Or maybe he was a victim of the Burning Legion's initial assault on Dalaran. We may never know what did him in.

Whatever the cause, I'm sure the little guy is throwing 2,000 yards in Heaven. Fare thee well, Li'l Brudder, you always had a leg up on life (just one).

What do you think of this particular brand of dark humor?


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