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Being a hardcore PC gamer, having the perfect, worry-free mouse pad is fundamental. No matter how skilled you are, if your gaming gear is not up to snuff, then your performance will be greatly compromised.

Overwatch fans tend to eagerly search for a high-quality mouse pad that offers accuracy and precision. These must-haves are tough but not impossible to find. To make it easy, the Kill Ping online store has offered up a wealth of mouse pads to boost your gaming enjoyment.

So if you've been in search of a great FPS-themed mouse pad to amp up your game and performance, then you've come to the right place.

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1. Overwatch Heroes Gaming Mouse Pad

There’s no better feeling in the world than having all the Overwatch heroes by your side. Physically that might not be possible, but you can still have them on your touch pad. The heroes Overwatch pad designed by Razer is pretty large when compared to conventional mousepads available on the internet, making it more comfortable for long, intense gaming sessions.

2. Overwatch Black Super-Large Gaming Mousepad

The Overwatch black mouse pad offers a classic touch that any collector would be proud to own. Indeed, black never gets stale and goes with everything, so will undoubtedly retain its relevance in your gaming space, no matter your decor. The only setback? This mouse pad will get dirty faster than others, so it’s your duty to keep the dust and dirt off.

3. Overwatch D.Va Gaming Mousepad

After talking about the classic designs, here's something for the hero fans. If you have a liking for the scrappy D.Va and her not-so-cute robot, then this mousepad is for you.

For the many who have D.Va as their main character, this is the only mouse pad they should want to buy. A beautiful design coupled with high-quality, durable material are why this pad should be on your list.

4. Overwatch Reaper Gaming Mousepad

Next stop is everyone’s not so favorite, Reaper. He’s just too tough to be taken down and a menace to play against, so naturally this endurance of character is what makes for a suitably tough mouse pad. Being an Overwatch game-changer, Reaper is often the most sought-after hero in competitive play. If you have a soft spot for the good guy gone bad, then this Overwatch pad is the one for you.

5. Overwatch Hanzo & Genji Gaming Mousepad

Last on the list is the fighting duo of dragons. If aesthetics is the most important thing to you, then the mouse pad is by far the best. Quality wise, it is on par with the others on this list, but this clash of brothers is a thing of gaming equipment beauty. Just like the Overwatch heroes pad, the Hanzo and Genji mouse pad is also larger in size, giving players enough space to glide, much like Hanzo himself.

Will you be buying an Overwatch-themed mouse pad? Share your ideas and thoughts about the best gaming equipment in the comments section below, and check out the animated short for Overwatch: The Last Bastion.


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